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  • May 18, 2020, 10:06 a.m.
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Sitting on the edge of my bed. Emails, phone calls, watching communications fly by about work next steps. I am but a fly on the wall. There will be some plan submitted. I guess this is what is supposed to happen to reopen. I don’t know.

Trying to find a way to settle a debt as well as save money, but neither are panning out because…you know. COVID-19 and stuff.

I’ve been thinking about my car lease again. I really am not looking for stuff to complain or worry about, I promise I’m not.

I calculated my monthly expenses and figured in how much disposable income I wanted to either save or spend. I need to make close to $50k a year. LOL It’s not even like that can’t happen, but it’s hard because 1) I don’t believe in myself. 2) Other people are not willing to take a chance on me. 3) I don’t do well with selling myself 4.) COVID-19.

Queen Corona is going to take a lot of flack in the future. Not just from me. LOL

I’m ok though. Only complaints I have are about other people from when I’m driving. I’ve been keeping my internet presence down as much as I can. Not intentionally, I just can stomach so much. I have only one game I play on my phone. I have too much stuff on my phone. Anyway, Facebook isn’t my favorite, Twitter…I love Twitter, but…people. ::smh:: I’m mostly on Instagram, but am limiting me there as well because I’m not very interesting. My selfies aren’t much either so I’m not doing a lot anymore. Lol

The kid’s teacher will be calling soon. She’s calling all the parents/guardians for end of the year stuff. .......She just called.......lol Get to pick up his things tomorrow and they are giving the kids their Chromebooks or an iPad that they used this past year. His Chromebook will have some restrictions because his incident.

I don’t know.

I think I better put the finishing touches on this house. I guess I’m going back soon. Might as well complete this major project before I have to go back.

Take care everyone.
I love you.

Kindest regards,

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