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  • May 16, 2020, 7:52 a.m.
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My dad has taken quiet a bit of a liking to church on Facebook Live and church member meetings on Zoom. LOL My oldest sister would have been proud of him. Laughing, but proud. Last night was a church meeting. With the amount of tech that everyone subscribes to, you would think that people would understand certain things. Things like just like in face to face time, when people are all making noise and talking at the same time it sounds bad and chaotic. I didn’t want to be smug. I wanted everyone to figure it out themselves. I think the next meeting should have instructions on muting their mics coming into the room and unmute when asked. I’m on my phone and can swipe through various screens to see everyone. I can also choose the screen that let’s me see who makes the most noise at the time. My brother, my cousin, a couple of kids…it was crazy. My sisters and I were on a text message behind the scenes cracking jokes. Talking in church. ::smh:: LOL

My mother has been moved into her new, permanent room. My brother sent a text to THAT uncle and I about a few things she asked for. I’m planning to go today. I got errands to run because it’s Saturday so I’m going to do that while I’m out. I talked about the visit to the doctor. I miss her. Glad I got to see her. She looks well. I brushed her hair, wiped her nose (because it always just runs), put on her lip balm, picking and preening over her like I always do. I just hate we can’t get in there and get all of her stuff situated. She didn’t have on any socks and her feet were exposed and it was rather chilly that day. All she had on is the hospital gown and my shawl I brought to her. I still haven’t heard from the other place about her clothes. Chalk it up as a loss and they will be replaced for the winter.

My uncle. LOL Every time he sends a text, I want to ignore it. I, instead, answer him back with short messages. He was trying to be all Mr. Team Work, saying we need to see what can be done about getting my mother’s things to her. Asking the front desk about the moving in part. I don’t think responded to that. He then said of the items she asked for, he didn’t have something. I said I had it. I told he and my brother that I had some work stuff going on and I couldn’t take anything over yesterday, but could do so today. So all this extra conversation, I got nothing for him.

My daughter…it just dawned on me. If you work M-F and your job is already over night, what extra 3 days new job are you working overnight? I had gassed myself up that I’d have both boys last night. I sent her a text, asking what time was she bringing him over. She didn’t get back to me. I went and bought some Popeye’s Chicken. It was expensive. I was not happy. On my way back from there, she says he is with his other grandmother. So today, I have to gas myself up again because I believe this will be one of those days when I will be tired. Went to bed late, woke up at early 6 something. We shall see.

Got all my bills paid. Phone, electric, car payment is on track, car insurance. And I have money leftover for groceries. (Sidebar: I don’t know why my autocorrect insists on making me write “Bill’s” instead of “bills”. I don’t know that many people by that name, that I’m in close contact with, for it to keep coming up like that.)

Technology is great, but it gets on my nerves. I have way too much stuff downloaded on my phone that I don’t want there, but such is the way of life right now. As SOON as we are back in the church house, I’m getting rid of the Facebook app. I will also get rid of those teams apps and just deal with them on my work computer. And when karaoke is reopened, I’m getting rid of Zoom too. It’s too much and my phone is old. I am not willing to finance a phone. As long as what I have is functional, I’m good.

I also had a stroke of creativity. I have accumulated plastic bags. So, so, so many bags. In my effort to declutter (the shredding is next) I didn’t know what to do with all these bags. I didn’t want to throw them in the trash and end up in a landfill or the ocean. So, I was looking at them in this trash bag and thought, these could be made into a comfy pillow. So I made two big pillows to have around to sit on the floor. From my old loveseat, I kept the two back pillows and that’s what I use them for. I also will be throwing out the chair soon and it’s back pillow will have the same fate. I’m so proud of my pillows. Lol I did a better job with the second one though. The first one is easy to fluff back up. Bubby Sr has been lounging and rolling all over it and having a grand old time.

I was going to type some emotional stuff but I’ve taken too much of your time already. Sorry this is a bit long winded. Didn’t realize. Just started going.

Anyway, take care. Be good to yourself and others. Love you most of all, Scarecrow. (I’m just saying stuff, but if you want to be Scarecrow, then so be it. ::wink::)

Kindest regards,

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