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  • April 30, 2020, 1:33 a.m.
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First day back at work for the week went relatively unscathed. A lot of restrictions on products have been lifted. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer have gone from one to four, paper towels and serviettes have gone from one to unlimited. Only three things now have a limit of 2 - they are cleaning, flour and eggs. A few others are a limit of 4 but most things are now a normal shop phew! I had fun pulling down all the signs and handing the boys new ones to put up around the store. The ones on the front of the store haven’t been updated in two weeks, so that was fun. I printed enough to put new ones on there too but the boys hadn’t done it. Man, it’s hard to get good help sometimes lol. I’ll do it when I get time tomorrow on my big day.
My manager sent a message to the group chat saying that we’re way over budget (like $9000!) and they need to cut wages and will only be giving hours to the best workers, so that’s interesting. I don’t know if it was a threat or what. I’m on a contract so I’m not too worried, but I won’t be doing any extra hours for the time being it seems. I’d love to know which department fucked us over. In the same message, he said that the nightfill manager is down a 2IC and asked if anyone could do that position for a few weeks lol. Go figure.
I replied that I’m happy to help out wherever needed. It’s not like I’ve got anything else to do these days.
No-one else replied to him, and I got no response to me lol (gee, thanks!). It must be nice falling on deaf-ears.

My state’s restrictions are being eased as of midnight tomorrow tonight, on a trial basis. I think I’ve already written about it, but I’m excited to not feel as trapped in my apartment as I have been, being a responsible member of society. Two weeks in a row I didn’t leave my apartment at ALL for the three days I was home, other than to take the recycling downstairs to the dock. But even that wasn’t leaving the building. National parks, parks/picnics, beaches, non-essential shopping and driving up to 50km will be allowed. That still doesn’t allow me to see my parents who are at least 200km away, but I’m not sure if car rental places are still trading. They may be as of tomorrow.
My home-workouts have been going okay. I like being able to put my music on, workout in my underwear and then eat something straight away for protein. It definitely has benefits. I certainly don’t have a home-gym (no room) and am using my resistance-band, push-up bars and my exercise ball. I’m so glad I got that early because I hear a lot of places are sold out.
I’m still eating too much though, as is evident by the scales. I have gained 2kg lol. I am eating cookies while writing this lol.
The Northern Territory are easing their restrictions in stages over the next few weeks, and stage 3 is EVERYTHING. That is on June 5th. They’ve had zero new cases in two weeks now, so have decided they can ease things sooner than the rest of Australia. It’ll be interesting to see how they go. The federal government is talking about opening up travel to New Zealand. I’m not sure how New Zealander’s feel about that, given they have been the perfect example of how to handle a worldwide pandemic, and we’ve had more than a few fuck-up’s. But, things seem to be on track. We’ll wait and see how things go after our restrictions are eased at midnight tomorrow night. I feel like the beaches will be our down-fall, like they have been down south. Especially people going in their families - how are authorities meant to tell who are groups of families and who are social distancing?

There’s also meant to be a Winter-y blast hitting us this weekend, so maybe that will deter people from the beaches? I hope people behave themselves in the parks. I myself can’t wait to do something as simple as sit in the park, but I feel like every other person and their dog will have the same idea.

I messaged Kellen to ask how he’s doing with everything. That was on April 23rd. It’s now April 30th. No reply. So he’s either over me or thinks I just want a hookup. I mean, I do, but I care for how he is. So I’m thinking that I’m either being ghosted, he’s got a boyfriend, or he’s gone back to Malaysia again. Chances are pretty high given the circumstances. And if he’s gone back home, then he may not be using his Australian number. I do hope he’s okay.

I’ve been making my way through my Thai gay dramas on Youtube - now finished Sotus, Lovesick, Reminders and am on to Love By Chance, but it looks like this one will take a while. I can’t get distracted by my phone or Instagram or Tiktok because I don’t understand Thai and need to read the subtitles. But then I get sick of that after a while and have to watch something in English. A few of my favourite shows have wound up for the reason, like Better Call Saul, Shaun McCallif’s Mad As Hell and Will And Grace. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist will probably end next week or so. I have just started the new season of After Life though. I love how brutally honest Ricky Gervais is.

TommyGnosis April 30, 2020

Yay! Freedom!

Swanny May 01, 2020

I am eating cookies while writing this lol. <-- this made me lol

crunchie May 04, 2020

I can’t wait until Victoria relaxes some restrictions too. We had like 20 something cases today though so I’m not sure if it will happen soon :(

KissOfLife! crunchie ⋅ May 04, 2020

Omg I heard! That's terrible :( We had 3 more but they keep palming it off as overseas people etc. Are you downloading the app?

crunchie KissOfLife! ⋅ May 04, 2020

No I’m not planning to. Are you? I don’t really have anything against it though

KissOfLife! crunchie ⋅ May 04, 2020

I was a bit apprehensive but I downloaded it. I figure Facebook, Google and WeChat are all stalking me anyway, so what's one more app, especially if it gets us out of this sooner rather than later. But it doesn't work yet anyway and millions more need to dl it anyway for the government to do anything, which prob won't happen.

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