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  • April 26, 2020, 10:11 p.m.
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So i ended up making my trip this weekend… 900 miles ONE WAY. Not shitting you lol. I literally drove 900 miles in a day. Slept for a few hours and 900 miles home. 900 miles is 12 hours. So thats that lol.
I have my new babies. They are beautiful and doing great. I hope they will be a great breeding opportunity for me. They are settled right in, We got a new hutch built today for Domino and Harmony. And then everyone got a hutch! Everyone is happy and has lots of food water and hay happily.

I admit im pretty exhausted. The run was beyond tiring but so much fun. Kansas is flatter then anything ive seen. You see the curve of the earth, an endless sky dotted with hand painted clouds. Cows, windmills.... Then the east side was green and beautiful. Then you get the missouri, where it rained haha. So much rain. But so much green… Then into Illinois. The frogs at the rest stop where we slept trilled and the birds sang. Was beautiful. We got my babies at 1 am from my friend and then slept for a few hours ( TWO stupid body) and came back. It was so late i just put the buns in the hutches and slept for the next 12 hours. Exhausting! Then today we built a new hutch and moved them in. The parents sprung for pizza.

Next week they are renting a dumpster bin and we are cleaning up the yard. Im exhausted already. Can i just work on my blanket?? please lol!
Sigh… righto.

Ok pic of Domino :D And harmony in their new double hutch. No they dont share space. Its divided.

alt text

alt text

Penny missed me. She was IN the hay hoop.
alt text

So did Torque
alt text

my newborns dont care lol.
alt text

This is the copper. Shes cute!
alt text

alt text

alt text

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Fedge April 26, 2020

Years ago, we drove to St. Louis and we had to drive through Kansas and it was so weird to be somewhere that flat. I hope you get some rest, that's a long trip.

ChainedChrysalis Fedge ⋅ April 26, 2020

We went from Colorado through St Louis and into Illiois. St Louis was really pretty despite the pouring rain. The historical houses that people still lived in! Restored and beautiful. The old buildings, the insanely cool bridges. I sent videos to my kiddos. Coming from small town Alaska, its something else to see. Nothing is older then 1964 there lol. Anything older was destroyed in the earthquake really. Its not an "old" state. I love the history down south...
Kansas was really boring, Cant lie haha. That last stretch of Kansas and east Colorado is JUST as flat... Oh look. another cow. and about a thousand windmills... yay. So glad i didnt bring my kids. They would have drove me crazy.

Fedge ChainedChrysalis ⋅ April 26, 2020

Yeah, see I live in Colorado as well. When we were in St Louis, I would get so confused about directions because I didn't have the mountains to guide me. If my memory is correct, it was worse than driving on I-80 through Wyoming.

ChainedChrysalis Fedge ⋅ April 28, 2020

Omg haha. Well being from Alaska, Colorado springs is KILLING me. Its bigger then anything ive ever been in and the mountains here are more like hills haha. But at least Pikes peak is there and i know everything is west of it. When i can see it and the Norad towers i know where i am. We can see those towers from our house.
The highway interpasses scare the devil out of me. I did Wyoming once to yellowstone. Not sure the highway we took but i remember it was so effing flat too.... Never know where im at! Nothing gets closer or father away.

Fedge ChainedChrysalis ⋅ April 28, 2020

I live in the Ft. Collins area, so I gotcha. Your comment made me laugh because many years ago, I visited my brother in Virginia. We went to the "mountains" there and then there was an elevation sign on the mountain and it was like 3000ft. so my dad wanted a picture by it because that's low by our standards.

I hadn't ever thought about the traffic aspect. Yeah, I can see why that would stress you out.

ChainedChrysalis Fedge ⋅ April 29, 2020

The biggest city in Alaska has like 300K people? And i hated driving there! People drive just as retarded here. Except when it snows they drive 15 MPH and make me rage. A friend from here says they know how to drive in snow. Survey of the highway says... Not true lol.
The eleveation of the mountains here IS higher then alaska. BUT we live at sea level there and the mountains are measured from sea level regardless of the elevation of the ground. So technically its already half up the mountain and thus looks smaller. And they are really rounded and gentle. Not at all like the sharp jagged ones im used to. Just another world.
I bought a cow in that area! Fresh beef. Tastes the best haha.

Lis April 26, 2020

That's a hefty drive! We moved this past year with 2 kids and 4 cats.... went about 1600 miles and OMG that was not fun. At least you didn't have to take kids with you! xx

ChainedChrysalis Lis ⋅ April 28, 2020

I just moved from Alaska to Colorado. It took us 10 days to drive the 3500 miles. I have 5 kids, 2 dogs and took 9 rabbits AND all our belongings in two small trailers. haha. It was a hellish drive. Turn and burns are easy in comparison!

Jinn May 03, 2020

Where did you come in Illinois ??That is where I am . In Springfield :-)

ChainedChrysalis Jinn ⋅ May 03, 2020

Ohh last weekend. I just crossed over from Missouri and then turned around. It was SO green, SO humid and beautiful. And the crickets ahh. Loved them. We slept just outside of St louis, met with a rabbit delivery friend and turned around :)
Do you get tornados ?

Jinn ChainedChrysalis ⋅ May 03, 2020

Yes, we do :-( . But none yet this year and I am hoping for a storm free year ..

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