Doctor Trump to the Rescue in Day by Day

  • April 24, 2020, 9:37 a.m.
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I am SO not supposed to be here, but how could I not at least make a comment? Doctor Trump is now advising that people should drink bleach and alcohol. I think his followers should try it and let us know how it worked out for them.

Our small business did not get the paycheck protection papers filed before the money ran out. Our bank would not help us until they helped all the Big companies first. I went to my credit union and they filed the papers so hopefully we’ll get something on this second wave. We’re owed a large chunk of money but no idea when we’ll see it.

Our non-profit did not get the state money. No idea why. We could use it to help others. We’re 100% volunteer so 98 cents of every dollar goes directly to people in need in our community. The other 2 cents go to costs like supplies, promotion, etc. We are hoping the matching funds drive on Tuesday replenishes fast depleting funds.

My husband and I have not received our stimulus checks (we want to donate them), but Shake Shack is doing great! I’m so relieved. Not.

That is all. Back to grant writing. Be well. I am. Love to you!

•kitkat• April 24, 2020

It shakes any kind of faith in humanity I may have had, knowing that there's GOING to be people who ARE going to try this, all because he mentioned it on TV. Whether or not he said, "GO DO THIS" or "I WONDER IF THIS WILL WORK", the simple fact he said it ON AIR is going to give some people the idea that it's okay to do, BECAUSE TRUMP said it. I'd like to think that the vast majority of people, even Trump supporters, realize how asinine this is and the inherit danger of it.

ConnieK •kitkat• ⋅ April 24, 2020

And yet, Republicans remain completely silent.

woman in the moon April 24, 2020

The thing about getting light, UV or otherwise, inside people is kind of scary too. I wonder if that man ever took any kind of science course in grade, high, or higher school. He seems so ignorant.
And of course his followers like that about him. He is not more informed or knowledgeable than ANYone else. He is refreshing because he says what other people think but are afraid to say.
Ah, for the days, when we had a grown up in the White House... even if we didn't agree with him (sorrowfully, they have all been he's), we could count on him (again sadly only he's) to not make a fool of himself and of our country.

GypsyWynd woman in the moon ⋅ April 24, 2020 (edited April 24, 2020)


"He is refreshing because he says what other people think but are afraid to say."
Good quality to have in a talk show host, but not so great in a president.

ConnieK GypsyWynd ⋅ April 24, 2020

Okay, now I see what you were referring to. Woman in the Moon was referring to Trump supporters, not herself. The innernet gets confusing at times! LOL!

ConnieK woman in the moon ⋅ April 24, 2020 (edited April 24, 2020)


Preach it, Woman in the Moon. I think Daddy must have bought his boy that Harvard education.

simple mind April 24, 2020

Remember when the Tide Pod challenge was a very small group of stupid kids on the internet and not our president?

ConnieK simple mind ⋅ April 24, 2020

LOL! Best comment of the day!

GypsyWynd April 24, 2020

Mom got her stimulus check earlier this week. Brother and I are still waiting for ours.
I'm sorry you didn't get the state grant or the protection money.
Btw, Shake Shack gave the money back. It should never have gone to big businesses at all, but what else would you expect?

ConnieK GypsyWynd ⋅ April 24, 2020

Big business and banks conspired to grab the lion's share. It wasn't until AFTER people found out that they made the new rule about returning the money if they were publicly traded. SMALL means small. Greed will kill this country.
Glad your mom got her's! I'm hoping mine arrives by Tuesday. :)

Kristi1971 ConnieK ⋅ April 24, 2020

Yes, greed is killing this country.....

Ferret Mom April 24, 2020

On Monday of THIS WEEK he said we would top out at 50,000 deaths TOTAL, maybe 60,000 absolute tops. Just days after he said we would have 50,000 total we are sitting at 51,107 deaths. And today's totals aren't all in yet.

ConnieK Ferret Mom ⋅ April 24, 2020

The virus didn't listen to him about Easter, why should it listen now? LOL!

Ferret Mom ConnieK ⋅ April 24, 2020

Oh that's right, we were going to be back to normal by Easter. That's right. Uh-huh.

Marg April 24, 2020

I think he should lead by example. Inject that bleach man! :)

ConnieK Marg ⋅ April 25, 2020


a mote, floating April 28, 2020

Fingers crossed that your business gets something from the second wave. And by something I mean its fair share, not a let-them-eat-cake-err-bleach pittance.

Simple mind's comment made me think of this cartoon:

Stay safe and healthy. Hugs.

ConnieK a mote, floating ⋅ April 28, 2020

Funny cartoon, but too close to the truth! I managed to submit through a third party so we'll see what shakes out. Auto Nation is returning their EIGHT BILLION dollar SBA loan. They counted every location as a separate business. Greed in it's crassest form.

a mote, floating ConnieK ⋅ April 28, 2020

Aargh -- and you know they're returning that money only because they got caught. BTW, FL DOH now has a link to a public comment page for DeSantis's task force to reopen the state. Here's the direct link:
Or you can get there by clicking the banner on the FL DOH site:

ConnieK a mote, floating ⋅ April 28, 2020

I already wrote to DeSantis to oppose reopening (also through the faith-based task force he created), but I think he will try to do so slowly. Personally, I think there's been too many openings and will stay inside at least until mid-May.

a mote, floating ConnieK ⋅ April 28, 2020

I agree completely. Our BOCC is reopening all the parks and I think it's nuts. (To clarify, the name of the task force is "Task Force to Re-Open Florida" -- public comments can be whatever people want to recommend.)

Oswego May 14, 2020

It’s no-profits Ike yours that proved hope.

Just when we thought things couldn’t get more bizarre in this country the pandemic hits us like a sledgehammer.

ConnieK Oswego ⋅ May 14, 2020

Thanks. We finally received the stimulus funds for business so I can keep funding the non-profit if necessary. The fundraiser went well. Our expectations had been low but we exceeded the 2018 drive despite COVID uncertainty. Many of our regular contributors couldn't help but new ones stepped up so that was kind of neat, I thought.

Every time I think I've seen it all, something new sneaks in the catch me by surprise. I think we've only seen a tip of that sledgehammer iceberg. Stay isolated and stay safe, no matter what your brother thinks. LOL!

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