Work ethic in Journal 2020

  • April 22, 2020, 12:25 a.m.
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So, my YouTube channel is getting a lot buzz. I’m honestly shocked that people wre noticing it and I’m feeling self conscious. I wonder if I take a break but then requests are coming in soooo fast whenever I want to.

This girl requested and like UGH I couldn’t say no, I felt so bad and I wanted to make her a good sub. I hate when people request like a commission or something and the person’s rude to them.

So I said yes and I’ve been working on the affirmations. Requested to be short, simple, not sped up and heck I dont even think she wants them layered. Imma make sure it’s good either way, I have a weird perfectionist attitude toward my work.

When she offered to pay amino coins, I told her requests are free. I felt bad in the past for asking for 5 coins per topic so they’ve been free for months. I made a request form but I don’t feel like sharing it yet.

I’ve been unlisting a lot of my videos as im shocked so many are either bundle requests, subliminal requests or just unappealing in my eyes. Hopefully I can fix this attitude fast or I’ll be going in another creativity based depression.

Also thumbnail.

And I’ve updated my playlist with subliminal below

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