D&D played 2 weeks ago in 1D4+1

  • April 8, 2020, 9:52 a.m.
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William and Rocky went to Greeny Green Town in order to hire people. Leaving Nicole alone for 2 weeks to clean pretty much. ( I have no idea why they didn’t leave it unattended, they have keys to lock it up) Though they spent no time exploring the town (because it hasn’t been built at all) they were able to hire 9 workers. On the way back in the wagon William spent some time getting to know the workers. Near the end of this 2 week excursion he talked to a Rouge (Krystal) who was basically just coming to check out what they were doing out in the middle of nowhere.

As they pulled up to The Knuckle William received a message from Halimath. Hal asked where they had taken Yemen. William responded with Ï’ll get back to you”.... later that day Hal messaged Nicole and asked the same questions. She responded in the same way. After getting the same response from Rocky, Hal gave a time limit of 20 mins. The party discussed what to tell him, and they choose to lie. Hal revealed that he had scryed on Yemen and found that Davin was feeding him. Knowing that Davin was in Williams employment Hal sent guards to imprison Davin and Yemen. Yemen was escorted out of town by another group and Davin was held hostage for the groups return.

Having a Rouge among them the group decided to sneak into the dungeon and break Davin out. They traveled to the Whispering Wilds and hid their wagon there. The guards on the wall did not notice the group climbing up the side of the wall (what good are the guards :( ) . The dungeon is below the guard’s quarters so they were careful to go between shifts and Nicole used sleep spells to give Krystal the openings to safely get into the Captain’s office. Krystal pulled a ring of 9 keys from the wall and noticed a ladder to the dungeon.

Carefully looking as far as she could into the dungeon from above she saw 2 guards sitting at a table and 7 cells, with only 3 prisoners. Krystal used magic to put out torches and scare the crap out of the guards. One went to leave and get a priest thinking the dungeon was haunted. Krystal hid under the Captain’s desk and was unseen when the guard passed her. Returning to the dungeon, which was now poorly lit, she started using a spell to make noises in an open cell. The remaining guard went to check on it and once he was in the cell he was standing in the dark. Krystal used that same spell to whisper Davin’s name to the prisoners, one at a time. She had neglected to ask what Davin looked like so she thought this was a good way. The first prisoner did not react. The second one was like “what?”. So she attempted to use one of the keys but when it didn’t work she threw them to the ground and just picked the lock. Krystal and Davin escaped with no real issues. They made their way back to the group and the group made their way back to the wall.

They made it to the top before the guards noticed them. The guards fumbled and were unable to get themselves in order until the group had entirely propelled themselves to the ground. A horn was sounded and arrows were fired. Nicole lingered behind and put the guards to sleep while everyone ran.

They made it out alive with Davin and headed back to The Knuckle.

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