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  • April 2, 2020, 9:07 p.m.
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So you know how I literally can’t order in anything extra at work because all the channels have been blocked since all this craziness started and the warehouse went into meltdown? And you know how we’ve literally had zero toilet paper for going in two months now except for when me miraculously get a pallet or few in? And you remember how I found that ONE toilet paper line that actually let me order and I confirmed with the assistant store manager asking if I should order it and he said yes?

Well it was there when I got into work today. And there’s boxes and boxes of it. All massive industrial-sized rolls of toilet paper. You know, the ones that go in the speciality holders in shopping centre bathrooms and public restrooms? Yeah. Those. I mean, I should have known hey. And I ordered 300 of them. Lolz!

I can not stop laughing. I actually have tears in my eyes writing this. There’s no way we’re gonna be able to sell this shit to customers, LOL!
But hey, we were desperate! Maybe customers will be too?
“Here, here’s a roll that should last you a good 6-9 months” 😂
What makes it even funnier to me is that it’s arrived the same time as four more pallets of the toilet paper we actually sell has 😂.
We’ve gone from nothing to having toilet paper coming out of our arses 💩

I haven’t been hauled into the office for it yet. Surely management has looked up who ordered all this non-commercial product. I don’t even know what we’ll do with it.
I actually predict that these pallets of toilet paper will sell out and we’ll be left with these huge rolls. I don’t even know if we can put a barcode on these ones. They certainly won’t fit the average household toilet roll holder.

I’ve overheard customers stunned that we actually have toilet paper on show, because we usually don’t.
And I was told customer numbers have finally calmed the fuck down. We still have bare shelves in all other staple categories - pasta/sauce, rice, flour, baking, cleaning, frozen veggies. That stack of spray disinfectant I managed to order in is still there, with much having sold on my days off. The rest will sell in no time too. My double-stack is now back to one. And my gloves idea and Glen 20 ideas worked well also.
This one… not so much. All I can think of doing is actually ordering the holders that these rolls go in and get them installed in our staff restrooms. At the moment we just use regular holders and write off packets from the shelf. That’s the only thing I can think of that would make any sense 😅


kmh. April 02, 2020

Hilarious!! But if I was out of toilet paper and my local Woolies had those massive rolls, I would absolutely buy one! I reckon people will buy them for sure.

Swanny April 03, 2020

300?! hahahaha

Toilet paper is better than the alternative. Try putting out a few and see if they sell.

The real me April 06, 2020

I’m in the USA and Would totally but the big rolls. Finally found paper towels after 5 weeks. Thankfully my mother stocks TP year round at her house like it’s going to disappear so I can go 5 miles to her house and get a 24 pack of TP.

TommyGnosis April 08, 2020

desperate times call for desperate measures. I can see customers buying those rolls.

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