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  • March 18, 2020, 4 p.m.
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Calin is such strange boy. A strange boy, I have.

I cant help but wonder what had happened if instead of the others, i found Calin instead. What would have happened if i had been asked out by him.

What i would have done…boys like him are so rare…their submissive like kayden…but dominant like john…

They have no problem with trying new things, they are also too pure for many things. Calin’s so innocent it makes me blush and squeal when he acts so mature!

I want to just cuddle him close and never ever let go. His voice is soft....ahh… I just realized I havent saved it on this phone…I want to listen to him sing every night. Every day. Every waking moment.

I love him so much. He’d let me do anything to him, he’s so soft…so soft. Like one of my plushies.

I like that he’s strange. Strange is good its unique its delicious.

Everyone hides the part of themself Calin let’s show. It amazes me he thinks these parts of him arent appealing, arent attractive when they are immensely so.

His personality, the way he texts, the way he phrases sentences, the way he talks when angry…its unlike any man, woman, girl or boy whose pursued me.

He’s unique.

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