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  • March 7, 2020, 7:17 a.m.
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Do you ever get the vibe off someone.... when you ask them to do something and they act like it’s no problem but you just know they aren’t going to do it?

I will be gone most of the day today and Rocky has to work. We had a gnat problem a few months back and I’d like to bug bomb for that. I bought 9 bombs yesterday (mostly so he couldn’t say there weren’t enough) so that he could set them off when he leaves for work. By the time I get home they should be done. I’m taking cereals and chips with me as those are open and would become contaminated. When I get home I’ll start by washing the pillow cases. I plan on washing bedding tomorrow and after that ALL the dishes..... Which all will be easier without him here on Sunday.....

Everytime I mention it he goes silent. Like I know he heard me.... like he has a response but doesn’t want to say anything. Last night he came to bed and I woke and told him I will have left by the time he gets up for work. That I’d leave the bombs on the freezer and I will have taken the open foods. Before I go I”m going to open all the cupboards so that literally all he has to do it set the bombs. I seriously feel like he’s not going to do it.... he’s going to say he woke up late and didn’t have enough time or something..... then I’ll have to try again next week and set them myself after he goes to work..... but that means a whole week in which I won’t be cleaning the kitchen because I don’t want to do it twice.

To prove the point that I don’t get things done when he’s here.... Yesterday I did the guestroom, master bathroom, and laundry room.... after listing 5 items and 10 on MTurk and Running to Wal-Mart.... Sammy came by and I fed him with some of the Gumbo I had just finished making we talked for about 30 mins before he had to move on with his day. I laid down at 5:30 and read for an hour and a half.... then played games for another 30 mins. I feel like (because I actually started on the cleaning) I got so much more done.... but it’s not feel like… it’s for real. smh

Today I’m going to go get mom, see if Wendy’s down there in Lewisburg is serving breakfast. I’ve got some coupons so mom won’t feel weird if I buy her something :) . It’s 28 degrees right now but by the time we are waiting to get into Gimme a $5 it should be like 35.... suns just peaking out now. It’s gonna be nice to hang out with mom. I’m afraid I’ll have to hear it about the new tattoo....but whatever. She cried when she saw my first one.... I expect just about the same reaction. She’ll get over it though. It’s not like she’ll disown me or anything.... we just aren’t a family with tattoos....I think it’s a bit funny though .... all her sisters had/have at least one.

time to get focused.... I really don’t want Rocky to have any excuse for not doing it. “I didn’t have time to open every cupboard” Seems like it would be a thing.... I also don’t want to forget to take hand sani.... there’s so many people touching so many things. Wonder where my gloves are.... also, mom wanted that dehydrator so I’gotta load that up… leaving in about 30.

Update ya later on IF/IF not he set the bombs.... crosses fingers I hope he does I want to get all this cleaning out of the way so I can chill for a few days.

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