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  • March 6, 2020, 7:21 a.m.
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I missed doing tarot cards yesterday.... when timing came I had to give up something and my choices were the MTurk 10, attempting a workout, or tarot.... succeeded at everything else.... well… got my tattoo and my nose pierced. Didn’t get any housework done and managed to forget to start food for the weekend. I’m off this weekend so I’ll be making a Gumbo for us to eat on for the rest of the weekend.

Today it technically the first day of my vacation. I plan to go to Wal-mart some time today and walk....really look at things I need unlike when I get groceries with Rocky where we just go from one thing we think we need to another. I need to get some bug bombs too Rocky said he’ll set them off in the morning when he leaves for work because we will both be gone most of the day. It works out great.... then I can get started on cleaning. This also means I need to gather open food this evening and put it in my car.

We didn’t play D&D Wednesday but William said he’d go with me to get my tat. He also said he’d get one while he was there but when they got there it was super busy… like a dozen people wanting tattoos. Mine took like 10 mins or so. Didn’t even hurt as bad as the one just above my ankle. I was afraid it would kick in Meniere’s symptoms, it did but not nearly as bad as I thought it would. He did a black outline and colored it in purple. I think it looks great BUT.... when he saw what I wanted he told me I’d have to go bigger to get the detail. I told him I figured about a half dollar size and he agreed it was doable. He drew it out and I agreed. Very last seconds I was thinking I wish it was smaller.... and rethinking the whole design.... Rocky told me to stop thinking and just do it.... and the artist is half deaf too and didn’t hear me lol so this is what I have .... and I have no choice but to be happy with it lol.... I posted on FB .... mom will see it tomorrow and I’m sure she won’t be happy. Obviously I’m not too concerned with if my mom likes it lol....

I feel like there are 80 other things I’d like to do.... at 39… to have at least 1 outfit that’s ME and not just comfortable cloths that fit whatever situation they are used in. Now I have a tattoo that will be seen all the time! This is so exciting and IT’S me 100% function over fashion, 80% for others over myself. .... and purple lol.

Today is the first real day I should have worked. So, I’d like to get some actual work done. I’ll do laundry and dishes like normal.... I need to confirm with Destiny if she’s coming down or not because if not washing the bedding in the guest bedroom will be pointless really for now really. So will moving the larger pallet stuff out of that room. Then cleaning it will involve sweep, mop, set up previous diamond painting and done.... so that feels doable today for sure. I’d also like to get the master bath done today. Then there’s still MTurk 10 and listing 5 items. Making the Gumbo has to come early so it can sit in the crock pot all day so I need to double check my ingredients.... unfortunately if I don’t have everything that moved the Trip to WM to early....

Rocky’s got to be up by 7:30.... and out of the house by 8:15 so I guess if I go to WM early it will be after the 9am Justin’s ....

There all planned out lol moving on with life now :)

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