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  • March 3, 2020, 3:42 p.m.
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Because life has been crazy for me this year, so much so that I’ve been writing terrible-vocabulary entries from my mobile phone, I’m finally getting around to uploading a few of my piccies from Canberra, MIKA and Sydney. I just picked a few. Obviously there were tons more which I’m guessing everyone who reads me have been on my socials anyway. I’m ‘pfefz’ on Instagram!
Anyway, I picked these ones with me in them haha.


This was outside the war memorial
alt text

The first night at the gin restaurant with my sister!
alt text

This was me (duh haha) in the cafe at Questacon, which is the national science-y place. They had two ‘breathing walls’
alt text

The second night of drinking with my sister :) (The one where I found out all the juicy goss after all these years)
alt text

Me showing her Snapchat haha
alt text

Me outside Parliament House
alt text

Me being a smart-ass :P
alt text

This was me getting lost trying to find the damn institute of sport. Yes, I had to walk through a damn national park to get there.
alt text


This was me at the MIKA concert, wearing my ‘Purride’ shirt, not that you can tell :)
alt text

Mardi Gras (Sydney)

I was very impressed by the hotel room I chose this year. It’s hard to tell from the pic, but it was huge - twice the size of my entire apartment back in Brisbane haha. I did well! Loved everything about it!
alt text

This was me showing Eddie his first parade!
alt text

alt text

The hashtag that got cut off to the right read “dicks” haha. Look closer at the wings if you don’t get why :P
I picked a perfect shirt to wear for this shot, but I really should have had short-shorts on or something.
alt text

Oh, I should probably write a bit of an entry while I’m here. I took the wrong bus when I got back to Brisbane and didn’t get home til after dark - DOH. And I was so tired from the long journey that I spent the money I saved from not taking the Airtrain on a massive plate of wings near my place haha. DOH.

Filiola March 03, 2020

Geez, good looking family! Your sister is gorgeous!

KissOfLife! Filiola ⋅ March 05, 2020

Thankyou! 😁

Lil March 03, 2020

Love them, it looks fun! Sorry about getting on the wrong bus, but I'm glad you made it home safely. :)

TommyGnosis March 04, 2020

your sis and you are so cute!

crunchie March 08, 2020

I love the photos and agree your sister is really beautiful

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