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  • Feb. 17, 2020, 7:27 a.m.
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Have you ever thought.... with reason… that you were someone’s one who got away?.... Got a Happy V-Day message from Jake. It’s a thought.

I feel like I may have been a bit of a jerk a few moments ago.... guy asked about a TV wall mount I had listed for $70....

Him: Still available? (I hate this question… it wouldn’t still be posted if it wasn’t!!!)
Me: Yes
Him: Where are you located?
Him: Is the price negotiable?
Me: What’s your offer? I meet at blah blah blah.....
Him: Would you do $30? (shock, are you serious!)
Me: Oh wow, I’m going to have to say no. It’s new in box and retails for nearly twice what I have it listed for. (pointing out the obvious in hopes that he realizes how silly his request was)
Him: Oh ok what would be your bottom dollar (hate it when people ask this too, If I was selling things for my bottom dollar I’d never make anything would I)
Me: I can’t take less than $50. (I had a guy offer 50 earlier this week, wonder why he hasn’t made a time/day to come get it)
Him: The only reason why I say that (say what? that you want it for $30?)) because I can get one and same size like yours for $50 at Harbor Freight but wasn’t trying to spend that much … but thank you anyways. (snap!, but I’m still gonna try to be nice about it so....)
Me: I have this one listed for $70 so It’s odd that you even clicked on it. Hope you get what you want at the price you are willing to pay for it.
Him: screen shot of the listing on Harbor Freight
Me: thumbs up emoji

What the hell dude.... that is all

I have 2 things to package up and send out this morning.... The usual laundry and dishes to do.... I’m going to try to get Alex’s frame started (need a decently dry not freezing day to cut the wood). I’d like to talk to Rocky about removing the sun blockers (we have cardboard in our bedroom windows) in order to attempt to get him on some sort of daytime schedule. We may not do that this week as he’s going to be sick soon.... I’ve had a minor cold the last week so he’s going to have a man cold this week.... most likely. Also, want to make my $10 on MTurk and get as much stuff listed as I can. I’d like to get another pallet of small things soon but I can’t if I don’t finish what I’ve got. Rocky’s not bringing stuff in like I asked so I’ll have to do that myself.... I really hope it’s not freezing today and I’m feeling okay so far this morning.... so that’s good. I’m going to have nearly the whole month of March off so I’m thinking about going to the Give me a $5 in Columbia again on the Saturdays I’m off. It’s been awhile and I’m better off than I was the last time I went (and couldn’t stay more than 15 mins after standing in line for like an hour). I’d also like to work on D&D some today.... instead of waiting till noon on Wednesday lol

As always, I feel like there is a ton of stuff to do today… and only my 2 hands to do it.... so it’s time to get at it (6:58am).... well after 7am Justin’s (MTurk job)

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