Dreams in In My World

  • Feb. 10, 2020, 1:57 a.m.
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I had a dream we were riding in a car or a bike maybe and we had to stop because a small airplane was going to park on the roadway. You were immediately terrified and so was everyone around us. You told me to sit on the ground next to you and you gave me a piece of paper to write on. You told me to write the words “I love you” and nothing more. I watched you take a sharpie and write “She’s mine.” Or it might have been “Emilie’s mine.” On a small box of crayola crayons. I didnt know why we were supposed to be afraid.

Turns out the airplane people were going around killing people (I dont know why) and for whatever reason I was more at risk than you. They came out and said something to someone else and then you and then they let us go. After they left you told me I was okay and that we were safe. It was only then that you explained to me what they were doing. They were basically traffic copters only they were small airplanes. This one was targeting us but I didnt know why for that either. I started to ask you why you wrote what you wrote but I woke up before you could answer.

I dreamt that my sister gave me a little wire cube necklace with some kind of stone inside it. There was a switch on the side that would make it play a sound byte. I was in a room with Ali and he asked me about the necklace. He had one too only his wasn’t a cube. He asked me what my sound byte was and I was a little bit embarrassed. I played it for him and it was him saying “I love you” (it may have been I love you babygirl. I cant remember). He asked why that would embarrass me and why it was my sound. (Each sound was supposed to be very person specific and something important to them.) My response was “Well, in my world you are already dead.” He said “I know” and hugged me. He then asked me why his wouldn’t play a sound. I told him we needed to go ask my sister. As we got up to ask her I woke up.

I know these were just dreams but I can’t help but feel like there is something important I’m supposed to glean from them. Hmmm.

Universe, if you’re trying to get me to realize something maybe be a little more blunt than a dream.

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