How To Get Out of Limbo in Writings

  • Feb. 9, 2020, 6:43 a.m.
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Are you stuck? Between a soft rock and a sweet place? Are you content, but yet you find yourself feeling unhappy? You know you have plenty of reasons to be grateful. You know you are blessed. Maybe you’ve gone through hell to get this peace you have now, but you know* it isn’t really ‘peace of mind’. Why are you not at peace? What is missing and why can’t you put your finger on it?

Ask yourself, what did you used to want? Before fear became a ferocious barrier standing in your way, to the point you befriended it and invited it in as if it were a part of the happily ever after you once envisioned, what is it that you really wanted? Why is it that you wanted what you did? Did you really give up those wants, or did you just readjust your standards of what would make you happy? Has your heart really changed or was it your mind? Was it easier to give up your dream rather than to face the fears you’d have to conquer to make it a reality? Did you feel as if life offered you another version of your dream, maybe even on a flattering silver platter, but it came with conditions that have made you forget that you’re supposed to put yourself first. There is nothing selfish about loving yourself. And the best way to get out of any emotional limbo, is to think of yourself as if you were your own parent. What advice would you give yourself? How much patience would you have with yourself? How much encouragement would you be willing to give? Now imagine that you’re telling yourself, from a parental sort of unconditional love for your self, to chase your dreams. What is that dream that crosses your mind?

Ask yourself, if I died tomorrow would I feel I made the impact on the world that my heart desired? Forget fame and fortune. We all know those things are really trivial. Yet having an impact, making a change, a positive difference, a wave of emotion over the peoples of the earth that will lead to you leaving the world a better place then you found it, that is not trivial at all. Some of us are content just to raise better people then we were. To give them a better upbringing with better circumstances, with the hope that the emotional traumas we suffered will not be had by our offspring, who will create this better future we can only imagine in our minds.

But that is a cop out. You cannot pass the baton. You cannot live vicariously through your children, or your friends, or people on social media. There is a purpose brewing within you, it’s just a matter of you getting the ingredients together to make it a meal. If there is a desire you had that you put off so you could focus on family or career, then now is the time to unpause. It’s time to step into your authentic self.

Ask yourself, what kind of a person would I need to become in order for me to admire myself? Then become that version of yourself. Do you admire someone for being outgoing and positive? Then strive to step outside of your comfort zone of introversion. The worst thing that could happen is for you to find out that you’re just not as outgoing as you wish you were. Try positive thinking. The worst thing that could happen is finding out that you’re negativity has a power over you that you hadn’t realized. The more you try to force yourself to be something you’re not, the more you’ll reveal about your authentic self.

If you find yourself in limbo, not understanding your purpose, or whether or not there is even any meaning in life, it means you need to make some changes. Whether you convince yourself that your change makes any difference is up to you. The point is to see the change within yourself and appreciate your effort. Even if you found out that a dream you once had wasn’t a dream that still remained, it is still a step forward. You’ve learned something else about yourself. You are intricate. You are complex. You are ever-changing. You may not at all be in tune with your desires because you’ve muted the side of yourself that has any at all. Maybe you’ve become so contented with the way things are, because you have this guilt… knowing you should feel gratitude for what you do have. Don’t ever convince yourself that you should settle. If you feel like you need more, then that’s what it means. If you feel like you need to reinvent yourself, then you not only have the right to, but you NEED TO.

Ask yourself this, if I lived the rest of my life as it is, would I have any regrets? If so, then it’s a clear indicator that you KNOW you have more work to do. A purpose to fulfill. You do not have to uproot your entire life to make a change. You can start small. It all starts in the mind. First you need to convince yourself that you are capable of doing whatever it is, even if you have no clue what it is,

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