Lady of the Bann ⋅ 70

I am 68 year old retired Mother of 3, Grandma of 3. I love to travel and having my holidays and Grandchildren keeps me sane. I think. I live in a beautiful part of Northern Ireland and have many beaches and coastal walks to enjoy.

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The work on the garden continues. I realised that part of the garden was completely unaffected by the weed killer I applied. I had found an assortment of bottles and sachets in the shed that mus...

August 27, 2016

Sunday visiting in Book of summer

I discussed the subject of my brother coming on Sunday . Last Sunday Mum had lots of visitors. It really wasn’t good. Too many and I thought about if she gets as many this week, with Stephen comi...

Jonny and I had a good time shopping. Well I did anyway. Jonny finds shopping for clothes difficult and gets stressed. But sometimes, needs must. He was looking for jeans, tshirts and new swim sh...

July 12, 2016

9pm in Book of summer

It was 9pm and the sweat was still rolling down my face. The bass is drumming and voices fill the air. Neon lights glow from the roof tops and brightly lit shops sell t shirts that tell me that w...

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