30 cats stacked in a trench coat

Two cats can live as cheaply as one, and their owner has twice as much fun.

Lloyd Alexander

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David coming to the end of his treatment is extremely bittersweet. I am beyond thrilled that my little marshmallow cat has survived 12 weeks of treatments for a terminal illness. I have known him...

Inevitably I stay too long and am stuck with the conundrum of displacing the pile of cats sitting on my bladder in order to void said bladder without them getting upset.

What highly motivated people who don’t crawl back into bed once their morning chores are done miss out on is the sleepy, post breakfast biscuits Boudicca has to make on my stomach before she hers...

Once I figure out how to add photos it’s all over for you heauxs.

Waiting for David to calm down before my third attempt to give him his injection today. As clever as they are, there is no reasoning with a cat, especially when you’re trying to convince them tha...

There are few things as peaceful as a Saturday spent in bed, watching the cats snooze in the fall sun.

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