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2 days ago

... in It's All About Him

I miss you… Something that should be so simple to say yet here I am, speechless. Why are you so complicated? Why have you always been so complicated? Your bashful nature used to be so alluring b...

4 days ago

I Am Two in A Sprinkle of Me

The body and the mind are two separate entities in some cultures. Have you ever really thought of yourself as two? In my world that happened before I even thought about it. It makes sense though....

I came to a realization over the weekend. Quite a profound one in my mind but probably one that many others have learned early on. Change is sudden. It’s not something that can be planned and if...

If I have to be honest, I think my biggest fear is never making a true connection again. Not in a romantic way. A completely platonic “I will lay my life on the line for you if it came to it” kin...

I realize that life needs balance. If I only consume myself with the drama no good will come from it. So here’s a splash of my creative life and growth, mostly for me but if you want to get to ge...

It seems strange that others can now read my words. I’ve written in secret for so long, this is liberating. I’m allowing myself to free myself - baby steps. It’s funny to think that we can actua...

… How have you pierced so deeply into my mind that not thinking about you makes me feel empty inside? You consume my every fantasy, my every dream. My whole world, my mind, is you. I so deeply r...

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