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February 02, 2014



February 02, 2014


'3rd So that yall know what I mean: E = edit Bc = because ATM = at the moment FB = Facebook. also, a verb. OT = Off Topic [i got this from a site] W/o = without [not sure if I've ever used...

February 02, 2014


'1st There's one reason I don't like this time of year: it's warm. Actually I love the warmth. But the warmth brings out the people which is what I don't like about it. Being that I don't like ...

February 01, 2014


'1st I've become a flower cocktail as of late. roses, orchids, lilacs and lilies. Roses, white, for humility, loyalty and worth. Orchids, lust and elegance. Lilacs, spring. And lilies, the death...

February 01, 2014


'1st not what you think. actually. I don't know what you think but usually when I see an entry title such as that one I tend to get a little worried. This is about Jacob. a nondepressing entry....

February 01, 2014


'2nd so I was just watching tv as usual and apparently in CA there's this place called Cafe Gratitude. They have vegan food and cards to read and. get this. a question of the day. and art. I so...

February 01, 2014


* '2nd * Happy Holidays! whatever it is you celebrate. I know it's small but also fitting' ''s something I want to work on. do more of. I'd like to read more. Both as in, read mor...

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