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March 07, 2023


big martin takes me aside man, why are you even in this place!? you don’t belong here! however, during group he has already persuaded me to tell my story, so i just smile and shrug big martin l...

there are only a handful of places to go on the floor where you don’t have to ask permission your room: but you cannot invite someone else there the hallway: i stood there this morning motionless...

February 06, 2023

No Touching

restrained by this hospital gown the fact that I had shit myself less than twelve hours prior slowly seeps into the furthest cerebral hemisphere from my eyes i shift on the bench suddenly i am he...

February 02, 2023

9 PM Group

big martin exudes experience dealing with antisocial white guys determined to sleep for the duration of their stay in this facility–he is raucous and genuinely friendly, tending to me with kid g...

February 02, 2023


big martin is the kind of person who gets genuinely jazzed about everything it is not a bullying situation or anything like that it is just that when he asks you for your story you cannot help bu...

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