9 PM Group in nch_inpatient_692015

  • Feb. 2, 2023, 7:59 a.m.
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big martin exudes experience dealing with antisocial white

guys determined to sleep for the duration of
their stay in this facility–he is raucous
and genuinely friendly, tending to me with kid

gloves required to treat people who are deep
inside themselves or broken or


i refuse lunch and then dinner
offering only bursts of somnambulistic
one-word replies in the moments i am


he becomes firm when he invites me
to 9:00 group *chief, you are only going
to make things more difficult for yourself
if you keep refusing to participate come

on and have something to eat
see what group is all about*

he is firm like this while offering me his giant
hand–for a second i am airborne because
he has comically overexaggerated the strength needed
to pull me from my bed and to my feet–
and in my appreciation of this Big

Production i decide that i just might see
what group is all about

Last updated February 02, 2023

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