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November 14, 2020

14 NJM 2020

14: Build your ideal town. I’ve occasionally thought about this. There are so many damn things wrong in this world, I have started to wish there was a way I could just have a place with all my lo...

November 13, 2020

13 NJM 2020

13: You are in an escape room. What three people (anyone) would you have with you? I would take my best friends! Jess, Kit, and Kay. Between all four of us, we got this. Jess is quiet, so she’d ...

November 12, 2020

12 NJM 2020

12: What is the most memorable adventure you’ve experienced so far? It’s easy to go back to the story about NYE 2003, but I’m thinking about the time I almost died in Arkansas. I “met” someone on...

November 11, 2020

11 NJM 2020

11: You’re the villain in a movie. What kind of villain would you be? I’d be a professional villain. People would contact me, ask me to be the bad guy, then pay me to “lose the battle” and leave....

November 10, 2020

10 NJM 2020 (NSFW)

WARNING!! This will piss someone off, but it’s my favorite movie, and I’m an asshole. 10: Write about your favorite movie, without the title, and how it applies to your life. This movie was so c...

November 09, 2020

08 NJM 2020

08: You get an hour to interview someone you greatly admire. How does the interview go? It would be easy to list Leonardo da Vinci or Gordie Howe, but I want something real. How does Wifey deal w...

November 09, 2020

09 NJM 2020

09: Write a short story using the following words: “kingdom”, “paparazzi”, “discombobulated”, “waste”, “jewelry”, “space”, and “bungee”. “I hate coming here.” I automatically pinched the bridge ...

November 07, 2020

07 NJM 2020

07: (By Muffin Princess) What was your proudest day/moment? Every single year I make it through December without a trip to the ER and the mental health floor. This year, if I make it, will be yea...

November 06, 2020

06 NJM 2020

06: (Seen and taken from Facebook.) The first sentence you write in a book comes true. What do you write? “In the end, you find yourself, and you realize that you are worth everything you put int...

November 05, 2020

05 NJM 2020

05: How important is having a routine to you? In my older age, it’s becoming more of a positive. It’s something to look forward to, but staying on the routine is hard when you take care of a hand...

November 04, 2020

04 NJM 2020

04: What mythical/religious figure would you be and why? Kali Ma. No question, no doubt, no hesitation…none. An excerpt taken from the site

November 03, 2020

03 NJM 2020

03: Think of the time you took a gamble and made a decision you wouldn’t usually make. How did it work out for you? This is an all too common story, but it’s one that has significantly altered my...

November 02, 2020

02 NJM 2020

02. Describe your “awkward” phase and what made/makes it “awkward”? It was in high school when I got contacts. My eyes are weird in the way they’re shaped. It looks like I’m wearing eye shadow, ...

November 01, 2020

01 NJM 2020

01. What is an “old-school” song for you, and what memory is it associated with it? My dad said this is how he remembered birthdays, the songs that were #1 at that time. Apparently, this was #1...

October 31, 2020

OPM 31 2020

Non-Prompt FINALLY! I feel bad that I didn’t complete this on time, but at least it’s finally done! My latest creation: yellow tiger’s eye bracelet.

October 30, 2020

OPM 30 2020

Non-Prompt A look to the northwest when the storm was rolling in.

October 29, 2020

OPM 29 2020

Non-Prompt Morning haze.

October 28, 2020

OPM 28 2020

Non-Prompt After an ice storm.

October 27, 2020

OPM 27 2020

Non-Prompt The NYE Muskies game. I was so happy to be able to go.

October 26, 2020

OPM 26 2020

Non-Prompt Ruby and Max after destroying Andrew’s couch.

October 25, 2020

OPM 25 2020

Non-Prompt The supermoon on Halloween. Yes, wrong date, I know. But this is all backdated. LOL

October 24, 2020

OPM 24 2020

Non-Prompt Finally catching up and finishing these. “Whorenges”, “Pornges”, “Hornges”. Mr. Orange settling on me.

October 23, 2020

OPM 23 2020

(No prompts.) Annnnd… I found all my stones I wear, and set out a huge jar of water to make moon water. It was around 22F that night. So, instead of putting them on the ground, I put them in cont...

October 22, 2020

OPM 22 2020

(Not following prompts anymore because I want to finish this challenge.) This is a pic that isn’t as old as the date, but still. I made sure to grab as much as I could to set on my windowsill fo...

October 21, 2020

OPM 21 2020

I won’t be doing the prompts anymore. I do want to finish this, though. The blue moon. My camera is shit, but I still tried.

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