08 NJM 2020 in MoMoMo

  • Nov. 9, 2020, 7:50 a.m.
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08: You get an hour to interview someone you greatly admire. How does the interview go?

It would be easy to list Leonardo da Vinci or Gordie Howe, but I want something real.

How does Wifey deal with frequent calls that may be a waste of time that will be needed by something severe?

How does Small Town Girl manage to stay professional with the issues she faces at work?

I think it’s because they have a common thread that I do not have: patience.

I greatly admire that, especially when I can be such a terrible person at times.

Hell, I would love to have a full sit-down with all my PBers and ask all the questions.

But, I’m a weirdo.

J.E. November 09, 2020

Mr. Rogers 'cause it was always a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Small Town Girl November 09, 2020

Girl! Thank you for saying so, but I do not have patience! As to how I remain professional at work? I dont always. I cuss, I raise my voice and I argue. I'm bitchy and snarky at times. Hence why GM hates me. I don't usually play to nice with him. I need to do better, learn to play his game as my dad would always say.

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