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November 13, 2016

from: dec. 22, 2012

‘So I went out and got blackout drunk last think. At the very least I know I was really drunk. I have never ever been that drunk at that bar. I went into the bathroom bc,, well as said...

November 13, 2016

from: dec. 11, 2012

‘should’ve/sobriety scares me/i need to look back to get through. Part 2 of the previous entry. Like I said I’ve been in a constant haze lately. Last week I had 4 white Russians and a shot. The w...

November 13, 2016

from: july 24, 2012

‘>....stop you unless you want me to” - James. So. Last Wed. I drank. And then the Wed. before that. I didn’t drink the 4th. Or at the last Synthetics show which I think. was the 15th. it was ...

November 13, 2016

from: june 29, 2012

‘>.....killing me - Nikki Sixx. uh huh. Currently Spinning: Heroin Diaries Current Time: 8:30 p.m. Currently: slightly achy, drained. tired. although my feet aren’t in pain which. well, thank ...

November 13, 2016

from: june 13, 2012

‘Currently: 5 a.m Currently Spinning: Heroin Diaries So over the past few days I was hungover. I drank......... last Wed., then Fri. then Mon. the day before yesterday. I got wasted Wed. not my...

November 13, 2016

from: june 11, 2012

‘It’s currently 2:20 a.m. and I’m a bit tipsy, so. just had the last of SoCO in the bottle ‘bout a shot and a bit of vermouth & coke, so. it’s mostly cherry coke. oh god i love SoCo. sO. my m...

November 13, 2016

from: april 11, 2012

‘ok so I know I wrote part of this earlier this a.m. and then evidently crashed from 4 - 8:55 a.m. so didn’t finish the entry. so a bit of a repeat.entry. ‘ ........but that’s. not good. [so, obv...

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