A Shitty, Weak Moment* in These Foolish Things

  • Feb. 6, 2020, 5:20 p.m.
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Edit for cat clarification: Shitty Kitty is NOT the cat that knocked me down and tried to kill me…that was Karl’s cat, an entirely different entity (and a devil spawn). Shitty Kitty is my next door neighbors’ insanely gorgeous, fluffy white Persian who got stressed and shit all over his white fur and it got poo completely matted all throughout his beautiful coat under MY WATCH. He is very easy to care for when he’s not pooping himself. I expressly told them that I’m not responsible for any shit incidents/accidents (shit-cidents?)!


Starting to feel better today. Barely. But yesterday (or maybe even the day before?), before I was feeling better, my next door neighbor, one of Shitty Kitty’s dads (they are divorcing, remember?) asked me via text if I was going to be in town this weekend.

You see where this is going, yes?

I’m babysitting Shitty Kitty again this weekend.

Uggghhh. How does this even happen? It was a moment of weakness.

More to follow (just pray “more” does not equal “trail of shit”),

Last updated February 07, 2020

Florentine February 06, 2020

Oh, man!

plushcreep February 06, 2020

Maybe "something" will "suddenly come up!"

Elaine Benes February 06, 2020


bobbi01 February 06, 2020

Oh no.

Gangleri February 06, 2020

Cats are evil.

Complicated Disaster February 07, 2020

Haha. Oh dear! xx

Marg February 07, 2020

Agh no!

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