10 Things Because it's Been a While in These Foolish Things

  • Jan. 30, 2020, 5:18 p.m.
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Feels like forever since I last wrote! Just for making you wait so long, here are 10 things:

  1. Had a date with T&D last Friday night. I thought it went smashingly well until we ended up at a bar getting a little smashed ourselves. Backing up a bit, he took me to dinner at a very nice seafood place. I wanted to break my vegan week with a little bit of fish and so I had some DELICIOUS wild salmon and then we went to my favorite underground bar close to my place. A few martinis in and I told him I had to walk MY Martini (my dog) so he walked me home where his car was parked and then we walked the dog. Of course, he wanted to come in and cuddle afterwards and I said, “ok, but just for a minute!” Of course, he tried to get in my pants and when I wouldn’t let him after a while of trying, he left. I haven’t heard from him the rest of the week. Sure, there’s a little more to the story, but that’s the gist. It’s a shame. He’s a cool guy. But it’s possible all he wanted was some nookie.

  2. Back on Hinge. Having some communications with guys who’d dropped the ball months ago. Seems like they pick it back up only to drop it again. What’s WITH THESE GUYS! Follow through!

  3. Additionally, I was a victim of an attempted catfish today on Hinge! The CRAZIEST part of the whole deal is the fact that, not only do I know the person that this catfish was trying to impersonate, but that the impersonat-ee lives in Italy!! Do you remember when I went to Italy with my friend Maria? I told you about Maria’s friend who’s kind of a celebrity on an Italian reality TV show? Some dude here in [my city] took his photos and is using them as his own! I mean, what are the chances???? Yes, I reported him to Hinge, but not after trying to figure out what his deal is. I was even going to send him photos back that were taken of ME and the guy he was impersonating, but then I got scared when he asked me for my IG name so he could “follow” me. I truly don’t need stalkers, you know? But how on earth did this guy choose ME?!

  4. Sales Meeting this week is finally over. Today has felt like Friday all day because…ughhhhh…what a long few days of presentations and lunches and dinners and such. I’m so very over it, but we still have one more day to go in this week. The kicker was, I was supposed to give my presentation at the end of the work day on Tuesday before the big dinner, but because the other meetings ran long, I had to give my prezzie at 8am on Wednesday. That meant that I couldn’t really let loose at dinner (even though I did…) and I had to get up super early on Wednesday to take the dog to daycare and get to the office in time to set my stuff up and then start promptly at 8am…before anyone was really even awake from the night before. The good thing is, I was somehow funny and animated and passionate about my presentation and held everyone’s attention. They laughed and we had fun and my boss even sent me several congratulatory texts afterwards. That was the highlight of the week!

  5. Had a phone interview on Wednesday after my presentation. Talked to the president of the division (my potential new boss) for an HOUR [side note: no wonder I’m feeling drained this week!]. The guy seems super laid back and was very impressed with my background - has no doubt that I’d be great for the director position. Thing is, it’s a Chinese company and the US office is on the West Coast. The local office is a regional portion of a giant company, but it seems fairly fragmented and there seems to be some friction among the regions as well as with the Chinese. I know I could do this job and do it WELL, but I don’t know if I’d be happy with it in the long run. If it comes down to it, I’ll do a pluses and minuses type list, but I’m not going to spin about it until (and IF) the owner wants to talk with me about the opportunity.

  6. Today was Goldilock’s last day here at work! She’s leaving for a completely different position at a start-up company. I’m happy for her, but I’m worried that I might have to take on some or all of her responsibilities. Back in the day, I had all of her responsibilities, but I also had a staff of 5, so… if that comes back, I’m gonna need some back up. I’ll cross that bridge if and when it comes, but right now the biggest thing is that she was nearly the only ray of sunshine in this building! She was hilariously funny and sweet and silly and I’m going to miss her ass. Bummer.

  7. It’s been cold here and there’s so much sick going around and I haven’t wanted to get outside and exercise and do long walks with the dog. I haven’t even given myself the chance to work out at the tiny gym inside my apartment building. I think I’m going to have to start doing T25 in the mornings again. I MUST start getting some kind of cardio going. It’s getting dire. I start tomorrow morning!! It’s now in writing!

  8. Speaking of routines, I’m thinking about how to streamline my outsourced beauty regimine as well. The place where I get my botox is soooo far out of the way of my everyday life and I found a new med spa over my nail place that might be a good option…and they are open on Saturdays! No more lying to my workplace about needing to go to the “doctor’s office” on days when I need to get my botox! Now I can potentially get my paws polished and my forehead smoothed in one fell Saturday Swoop going forward! I like it when a simplified plan comes together! Hope I can make it work! Also thinking of getting B12 shots at the med spa…anyone do these? Worth it?

  9. Speaking of beauty and working out, I’m thinking of what I’m going to wear in Miami next month after the trade show. Seriously need to get in shape, check my wardrobe for all things sexy and start rubbing on the self-tanner if I don’t to look see-through and blue!

  10. Time to get a move on! Gotta head for home, pick up the dog at daycare, walk her and then call it a night. Seriously can’t believe it’s not Friday! What a week!


plushcreep January 30, 2020

Don't be so hasty! Maybe the translucent Smurf look will be all the rage next month.

Complicated Disaster January 31, 2020

Shame Hinge only seems to be for city folk! Xx

Elaine Benes January 31, 2020

You’ve been busy! That’s messed up about the catfishing. I can’t confirm I’ve had that happen but I suspected something was not right a few times. So weird. What’s the point? They do it for the fun, thrill??? People are messed up.

Marg January 31, 2020

What a week indeed! That catfish thing was so bizarre!

Jinn February 01, 2020

I think you were safest just dropping the catfish person like hot potato and reporting him.
I do not like guys that try to get sex and then get mad if they don’t get it . Be a gentleman . Turns me off !

pandora February 03, 2020

I am see-through and blue also! Totally crazy about the catfish thing. People are fucking nuts.

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