four of tine in tarot journey

  • Jan. 15, 2020, 5:43 a.m.
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The Marriage of the Twin Flames. Four corner posts of the earth, signifying a home place, security, the sacred marriage. Success, the reward of effort, knowledge still to be acquired, security is temporary.

The next step is
recognizing you position -
your Divine relationship with Spirit,
In this there is great courage,
A gift of comfort
And true marriage
Between the inner Twin Flames.

A bit puzzled. Security, the safety of a home place.... security is temporary. Success.... the reward of effort… I mean … in order to have success knowledge would need to be acquired.... and home place could mean more than the security of the roof over my head. Yeah, more like my job. I’m happy where I am (my home place) or secure anyway. Security is temporary there.... we will soon be reorganizing shifts. My seniority will allow me to stay on the weekend shift but the dynamic of the way we work together will change. I hate it when this happens.

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