D&D... I'll just do it myself then... in 1D4+1

  • Jan. 13, 2020, 12:49 p.m.
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Third entry today and it’s only 1:20. .... This ones just day to day stuff....

I had a package to ship this morning so I did that and basically just planed to make the $10 on MTurk, pay a bill or 2, and call in scripts for refill....

I remembered that I hadn’t.... Remember a couple weeks back when William and Nicole came over. Apparently after a few drinks I volunteered to attempt to run a D&D campaign myself. I’m so sick of not playing. I want to play .... badly enough that I won’t play....

Apparently that pumped William to push me. This last week he asked when I was going to have my game. I tried to back out of it with self deprecating comments but William would like to see me break that habit. So.... Then I was all like what’s the story?.... he said steal one from a video game.... which I can’t because I’m serving it to 2 gamers (William and Rocky). I’d be totally afraid they’d be all “Where’s this character?” or “wait that’s x game, I know how this goes”..... neither would actually happen because outcome is decision based and based on the dice rolls.... but I had no idea what to do.... so I YouTubed it lol

The guy in the vid went through 8 steps. Somewhere in the beginning of the video he said “Keep it simple. A princess had been kidnapped and the players must rescue her”.... now all I can think about is turning it into Super Mario Brothers lmao

So.... I have a plan and they will pretty much so find their own quest. I will start them in a tavern eating. It’s a small place (need a name) in the city of (need a name). There are about 10 tables but they are mostly dirty or broken. There is one empty/ Clean table.... there is a man sitting alone in the back and a few small groups of 2-3 persons chatting quietly enjoying dinner. There will be a barmaid (name to find) and the owner at the counter (name to find). Not long after they start eating (or start talking or whatever) an overly excited 14-16 yr old boy will come in asking for help (not their group first).

So at this point IF they choose to talk to certain people they will get something else.... the man in the corner is a guard at the local Lords mansion who is getting drunk near the end of his “watch” because his charge had been kidnapped in the night and he fears death by the Lord. (kidnapped princess quest). If they choose to talk to the barkeep about the horrible mess/disrepair they will find that the local Lord is a tyrant who taxes him so much he has trouble with upkeep even though he’s busy beyond belief most nights because of amazing cuisine. (help repair tavern/get taxes relieved… most likely end up on princess quest anyways) Lastly if they have not chosen to investigate their surroundings then the apprentice of a wizard will come racing in asking for help to retrieve a spell component from a cave.

They should all turn out okay but it will depend if they want to do a one shot or go long.... over multiple sessions. I’ll ask up front because I can easily adjust a few things to make it just a one shot OR.... “You’re princess is in another castle” should have us all rolling for a bit. … I hope lol

Either way I’ve got to find some enemy info and make up some names.... and I thought about making a map for the castle.... and/or the town.... and cave.... I have 2 days it’ll be fine… stop over thinking it lol .... but I do need names.

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