Conjuring the Energizer Bunny in These Foolish Things

  • Jan. 6, 2020, 6:30 p.m.
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Hello! It’s the beginning of the first full week of 2020. I actually feel ready to roll and am in pretty high gear. I’m glad I worked those last couple of days of the year as well as last Thursday and Friday. I would be so lost if I hadn’t!

I’ve been rocking and rolling at the office all day. There’s SO MUCH to do!

The weekend was splendid as the weather was phenomenal. I lazed around in the mornings when it was cold both days and then by mid-morning, the weather was sunny and gorgeous and spring-like, so I got two wonderful walks in with the dog.

Saturday morning I walked the 2.5 miles with the dog to the pharmacy to get my blood pressure meds (more on those in a minute) and then around a different way back home (additional 2.5 miles) before I went to get my paws polished and then to the Apple store to take a class on iMovie…you know, so I can create videos. Not sure what I’ll do with the videos (besides post to social media), but I’m fascinated by video-making and it was a fun class even though I was totally distracted by kids running around and the loud, loud, LOUD atmosphere. Man, it was exceptionally loud!

And then home early Saturday evening, dinner, take dog out to pee, bed. Exciting.

Sunday I did a BIG walk with the dog at the City Lake. All told, I ended up walking nearly 11 miles. The dog walked about 9.5 of those! I was impressed and kind of shocked that she didn’t even appear sore by the end of the day. She was a little trooper! I’d say she takes about 4 steps to every step I take, so bless her tiny paws, she did about 95,000 steps on Sunday! WOW! She’s kind of “nappy” today, but no more than usual.

And I took down all of my Christmas decorations afterwards and did a little bit of cooking for the week and generally got mentally prepared for this long, intense week.

Now back to the BP medications.

I’m wondering if they are the culprit in my recent weight gain? I’ve done some research on beta blockers. Those suckers are amazing (and very trendy right now), but you know what they do? They slow your heart rate - mine was already slow, but now resting at 46 BPM! AND you know what that means, right? My metabolism is slowing…slowing…sloooowwwing down.

So even with allll the walking I’m doing my heart rate will never get to a level where I’m going to be burning much fat.

Bottom line is, I pretty much need to stop eating. You know? Well, not that dramatically, but I have to say that I really should ONLY eat for fuel from here on out. Sure, I’ll indulge here and there (brunch club, special occasions) and that’s going to have to be the end of it.

Yes, I have a doc appointment at the end of next week, so you better believe I’ll ask about it, but I also know that my body is running at a very slow pace after the trauma I gave it in 2019.

So 2020 will be a continuation of the healing, PLUS somehow working on getting back to an efficiently-running machine. I’m not concerned at all about being a bodybuilder or a model anymore. I just want to maintain some semblance of health.

I also want to feel like I’m running on more than just fumes. Yes, I have conjured up a whole bunch of energy the past couple of days, but I think it’s because the weather was splendid and I was excited about the new year. There’s SO MUCH I need to do in the next two months and I NEED the energy to do it. So I will ask the doc and see what he recommends, noting that I never want my BP to skyrocket like it was doing…

Okay, I should close. I’ve finished pertinent emails and several other projects today, but Boss wants a report for the exec committee to him by Wednesday and there’s lots to do. It’s 5:30, but I’ll jumpstart that too…

Lots of love and powerful vibes,

pandora January 06, 2020

Have you tried yoga again since your first foray, which seemed pretty successful? As relaxing and great for stability and flexibility Yin can be, there are great yoga classes for toning and strength training as well. A more gentle way to stay in shape than hard cardio or starving!

Florentine pandora ⋅ January 07, 2020

Yes, agree with this! Some classes are designed for strengthening which will give you some lovely results. Pilates, which seems to have fallen out of vogue, is even better for strength/tone if you can find a class.

Ginger Snap Florentine ⋅ January 07, 2020

I love restorative, but not so much the sweaty faster yoga. I just love the stretching and peacefulness of yoga. For cardio, I'd rather dance or something :) But again, it's all in figuring out what I can and can't do now that I have a history of carotid artery dissection. It happened on a treadmill while working out - it nearly killed me and I don't want it to happen again!

rhizome January 06, 2020

i didn't realize beta blockers slowed down your metabolism! it's like you're treating a symptom, but making the causative problem worse.

Complicated Disaster January 07, 2020

Here's to a healthy 2020!! xx

Jinn January 11, 2020

Wishing you very good health all year !

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