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  • Dec. 27, 2019, 1:46 p.m.
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A lovely little Christmas Eve breakfast date!

Name: HD (short for Hotel Designer)

Introduction Platform: An event I was invited to by my friend Jack. It was a last minute invitation and I wasn’t super interested in the panel discussion taking place, but the event was being held at a brand-spanking new hotel that just opened in the design district. Shortly after I showed up at the event I was talking with Jack and he introduced me to another woman and then he turned to talk with someone else. While she and I were talking, HD walked right up to the both of us and introduced himself! We all chatted for a bit and walked around some parts of the hotel to check out the design and take some iPhone photos. We all wanted to share the photos with each other so we swapped phone numbers. After photos were exchanged, HD asked the both of us (separately) if we’d like to join him at his company’s Christmas party. I went (she did not) and had a fabulous time…which led to HD asking me out on a date!

Age: Not sure! If I had to guess, he’s somewhere in his early 60s based on his looks, his kids and his experiences

Relationship Status: Divorced over 20 years and I think he has two kids? He’s originally from London and his family lives there…except one son lives in Kansas City. Also, he doesn’t actually live in [my city] - his residence is in Los Angeles, but he’s going to be spending a LOT of time here because he has two HUGE projects he’s working on here that should take him through 2022 and beyond!

Job: Designer, craftsman and director of design for two new boutique hotels being built here in [my city]. An AMAZING gig and I’m just so excited to even know this person! He’s super, super connected and interesting and has had fascinating experiences.

Lives: in Los Angeles, but living here for the time being in a neighborhood close to his projects (which are close to downtown)

Length of Date: 2.5 hours for the breakfast part and then we had a part two, which lasted about an hour

We Did: Met for coffee/breakfast at this cool coffee joint in the area where his projects are. Had some coffee, lots of talk and then I drove him to a wine store so he could get some nice bottles of wine for his Christmas host and their family. THEN he met me downtown for a Christmas concert and a quick walk with the dog!

He Looked: Has a very distinctive look. I’ve met him now three times and all three times he’s worn all black and a black felted fedora. On this particular morning it was black denim, a black cashmere henley sweater and the signature black fedora. It’s charming to me and fits him perfectly - especially, for some reason, when you hear the British accent.

I Looked: Okay, product endorsement time. I have been wearing these AMAZING faux leather moto leggings from Spanx ever since one of my college girlfriends let me borrow hers on our girls trip. Spanx had a really great Black Friday sale so I got them on sale and have worn them now probably 5 times to different events (and even to work!) already. I love them. They really do perform just like Spanx so they suck you in a tighten the jiggles. If they ever go on sale again, I’m going to buy the quilted version AND the regular faux leather leggings. I love them THAT much. And I also wore a black cashmere turtleneck and tall flat boots.

Convo: Guys! He’s an international man of mystery! I had SO MUCH FUN talking with him about travels near and far and telling him about our fair city. We had such wonderful conversations - so much so that I want to talk with him about everything under the sun! We became FB friends and I had a poke through some of his FB and he has been EVERYWHERE and is a fascinating designer. Has worked on SO MANY projects for the rich and famous that it’s crazy amazing!

High Point: That he wanted to keep seeing me through the day - that he met me at the concert in my hood. Really sweet of him.

Low Point: I didn’t have a low point. Nothing struck me as negative at all.

How It Ended: He had to get things ready for his holiday party with his boss (a high-end real estate developer) and another one of this city’s well-known famous folks, so he walked Martini and me to the park and then said goodbye on the corner where his Uber was picking him up. Several pecks on the lips later and he was gone.

Chances Are: We’ll see. He says we should see each other again, and I’m sure that we will!

Date Rating: A

Last updated December 27, 2019

Complicated Disaster December 27, 2019

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! xx

Elaine Benes December 27, 2019


Athena December 27, 2019

super all the way around!

Marg December 27, 2019

Well this certainly has potential! :)

Florentine December 27, 2019

Sounds very dashing!

Jafael December 27, 2019

He sounds like your kind of person!

Ginger Snap Jafael ⋅ December 28, 2019

Totally is!

bobbi01 December 27, 2019

Your careers seem like a good match! He sounds like fun.

kansasgirl December 27, 2019

Oooh, sounds promising!

Jinn December 27, 2019

Wow! He sounds like a good one !

plushcreep December 28, 2019

Bloody well done!

Ginger Snap plushcreep ⋅ December 28, 2019

Ha! Thanks!

pandora December 31, 2019

After reading the outfit descriptions, you guys must've looked so hot and fashionable together!

kashka January 02, 2020

I have the regular black leather spanx. I love them, but often struggle with what tops to wear. Tell me more about what you pair your leggings with! (I am terrible at fashion.)

kashka January 02, 2020

It's very sweet that he met you a second time later in the day! When will you be seeing him again?

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