December 14th, Saturday 2019 in Letters to my love

  • Dec. 14, 2019, 8:24 p.m.
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December 14th, Saturday, 2019

Hey Isaac today was a crazy day. Mom and I went shopping with my brother. I had coffee chocolate by lindor, really yummy in the end. Oh! I washed my hair finally and it’s past my shoulders now. It looks super pretty, but I know I’ll hate it tomorrow. Besides that I ate breakfast only today, not really wanting lunch. Sorry I haven’t written in three ish days…not much to say. I haven’t written in my diaries either. I feel bad but next time I just gotta try harder.

I bought a fluffy kitty to! It’s another squishy squishmallow, I think you’ll like here. By time you’re back I should have like over a hundred no a million of them! She reminds me a Asia, her soft green fur like that stuff that starts with a m…macha? machi? Idk but she reminds me of that. I can cuddle her like the others, it makes me so happy to have them. You can cuddle it if you want!

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