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  • Dec. 9, 2019, 11:43 a.m.
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Name: Frank - as in, Francophile (I had used another name earlier but I like Frank better! He’s French Canadian and has a French first name but in the US he pronounces it like the English/American pronunciation)

Introduction Platform: Bumble

Age: 55 (today - it’s literally his birthday today - our date was yesterday)

Relationship Status: Divorced since 2011, had a two-year relationship after divorce. One daughter, 16.

Job: VP of commercial construction company - new to company…just moved here a little over a month ago.

Lives: rents right now in a suburb of town close to his office. Starting a project closeby that would bring him to my hood a LOT

Length of Date: 5 hours!

We Did: Started with outdoor brunch at a mainstay brunch place close to my neighborhood (the weather was spectacular!), then upon finding out that his birthday was the next day (today), I took him next door to the little divey bar for a birthday shot and a beer, and then a “nightcap” at an adorable little bar that’s in a house that’s been reconstructed into a bar. Sat on the front porch and had a cocktail on the porch swing! Made out a LOT.

He Looked: Handsome-ish. Didn’t really knock my socks off, but good enough looking to get my attention. Nicely dressed in super raw denim (the anti-dad jean), a nice collared woven sport shirt and some kind of sporty jacket, decent shoes. Graying dark hair and (oh gosh, I think) brown eyes. Not really part of how he looked, but first impression stuff: he talks with some kind of slight speech impediment and has a bit of a lisp. Nothing major, but it’s noticeable. No discernible accent.

I Looked: Good, ha! Honestly, I wore a cute, belted printed mini-dress and tall-ish western-looking suede boots topped with a faux fur vest. Clearly I felt pretty sassy and good about how I was looking. I mean, I even washed my hair for this date (!) and put on my ruby red lipstick. As I was waiting outside the venue (I got there 10 minutes early) a total stranger commented from her outdoor table that I looked amazing. When he showed up, he was clearly happy to see me and later, my bare legs were where he kept his hands…and I liked it.

Convo: Our conversations started VERY shaky! I was actually surprised by this as I was thinking that he was totally into me from the get-go. But he argued with me about little nitpicky things. For example, he removed himself from Bumble sometime between when I checked on Saturday to remember what he looks like to sometime on Sunday when I wanted to re-check what he said in his profile and maybe look at his religious and political stances, etc. So I told him that I’d looked at his profile on Saturday and then it was gone on Sunday. He was all, “No. I deleted my profile several days ago.” And firm about it! Later, when he showed me a map of [our city] with restaurants that he liked flagged, I said, “Oh wow! You took the time to plot all of those places on a map?!” And he was like, “That’s not plotting…” and went on some ramble about what “plotting” is. Really weird! Thing is, he’d lived in [our city] several years ago and so he knows the city fairly well. But he was hard-headed about a few things and I was too! In the end, I somewhat gave way (and he did too), but not after dishing out my own tiny digs! After several minutes of talking, however, we started to really get along well. We have a LOT of the same interests (he loves weekend getaways, checking out new restaurants, and dive bars!!), and after a few minutes we warmed up to each other…I even said at one point, “you like me!” and he blushed! And about halfway through our day I went to the bar and surprised him with a tequila shot and he was so happy that he kissed me. It was not a subtle kiss. It was a slow and deliberately sexy kiss. He likes PDA and he likes to hold hands and I love that too. But back to conversation. He told me all about his life and how he’s moved around the US and Canada a lot and his love for searching out and finding amazing places and art and architecture. He’s on very good terms with his ex and absolutely adores his daughter. We talked about what he’s doing for his birthday and then actually made a date for me to take him to a great restaurant to celebrate tomorrow (since the resto is not open tonight). So…spoiler alert: second date already set!

High Point: Chemistry ALERT!! Woo!

Low Point: The dumb shaky foot we started off on, but as you have read, that was conquered quite quickly. In fact, he brought it up towards the end of the date and we had a good little chat about how we were both nervous, combined with both of our stubbornness. Had a little laugh about it as well.

How It Ended: I had planned on walking home, but he ended up driving me as it was already getting dark outside. He dropped me off at my place and kissed me passionately outside my door. It was a wonderful ending.

Chances Are: See above. We are going out tomorrow night for Date #2!!

Date Rating: Straight up A, baby!

…but I slept for shit and am a bit hungover today so I’m paying for my Sunday Funday. Still, worth it 100%.

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Elaine Benes December 09, 2019

Wowsa! Nice!!!!

The Thirsty Oriental December 09, 2019


Complicated Disaster December 09, 2019

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Lucky Frank!! xx

Athena December 09, 2019


bobbi01 December 09, 2019

C'est Bon!

.bob December 09, 2019

Wow, a follow-up birthday date! Hope it goes well as the first. :)

Marg December 09, 2019

Woo-hoo! I hope the second one is even better! :)

Gangleri December 09, 2019


plushcreep December 09, 2019

Not a bad first start! Looking forward to Round 2.

Jinn December 10, 2019

Great !

pandora December 10, 2019

Is it Martin/Martin? Jean/John? Haha, trying to guess the French Canadian name. This sounds like an incredible date!! Can't wait to hear about the next part.

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