Don't Ever... in These Foolish Things

  • Dec. 6, 2019, 5:11 p.m.
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  • Don’t ever get comfortable with your situation. Yesterday as I was cruising along having a pretty stressless day at work, I got an ocular migraine. Blammo. It scared me so terribly and I wondered if I should get myself to the ER again. I’ve only had one other ocular migraine in my life and it was a couple of months before my carotid dissection. I don’t know what it means and I ended up giving myself a physical stroke test (checking to make sure I didn’t have one-sided weakness, confusion, could talk, etc.) and I texted my PCP who told me that if it happens again I should go to an eye doctor (really?! That’s it?!). A google search shows that an ocular migraine is the result of not getting enough oxygen-rich blood to the eye. It was on the right side this time (my injury was on the left). I had to take ½ Valium to calm down yesterday. I seem to be fine today. You just never know, do you?

  • Don’t ever get comfortable with your work. My boss appears agitated with my work again lately. I’m pretty sure it’s because I had three weeks of out-of-office time, all that started with work trips and ended with a few days of vacation each time. [Note to self: don’t do that anymore - separate your vacation from your business travel time.] It’s also hard because for all of these trips I had to pack for both business and pleasure. And you know what? Yes, all of this travel has put me behind in my deskwork and development. I’m having to scramble to catch up. But guess what? I will. I will do it and I will do it well. But I certainly won’t be comfortable.

  • Don’t ever stop believing. You never know who you will meet again. I have a date on Sunday with the Bumble guy who was “sick” and canceled on me a couple of months ago. I think I was annoyed before but now I just feel like this might be a somewhat worthwhile meeting. Time will tell. Rate-a-Date later. That is, if he shows! Ha.

Cutting this short because I gotta run and pick up the dog now.

Happy Friday,

Jinn December 06, 2019

That is good advice ! Happy Friday !

The Thirsty Oriental December 06, 2019

Good advice!

Marg December 07, 2019

It’s crap that we can’t just coast for a while though when we need it - the constant vigilance is exhausting! Good luck on your date!

Elaine Benes December 07, 2019

The migraine sounds scary but glad you are ok now. Fingers crossed about Bumble dude.

Gangleri December 07, 2019

I know several people grow out of migraines (thankfully, I was one of those) but could it just be that you are growing into them? Not trying to wish it on you, but it could just be a headache, right?

Ophthalmologist>Optometrist if you do go. A distinction I didn't know to make for quite a while.

plushcreep December 07, 2019

Good luck with the date this time around!

Complicated Disaster December 08, 2019

Happy Belated Friday! Enjoy the date!! xx

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