Better Than a Sex Dream in These Foolish Things

  • Dec. 5, 2019, 11:37 a.m.
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Last night I had a ROMANCE dream. Oh my god, you guys, it made my heart just swell with happiness. I was completely bummed to wake up from this dream because it meant that it wasn’t real. Or was it…?

I’ll keep it very brief because I know that most people hate reading about others dreams. The gist of the dream was that I had traveled somewhere to see a musician or band that I liked (no idea who it was - just, in my dream they were a band I wanted to see badly) and at some point I met the lead singer/musician who was somehow into me. Ha! It sounds hilarious to write that down!

Anyway, we (I was with friends - again, faceless, but good friends) were at some resort-like place and we were staying there for multiple days which gave me time to get to know this musician after his shows, etc. He did all kinds of romantic things to woo me. Upon waking, I don’t remember what those things were, I just had this warm and wonderful loving feeling in my dream.

And at some point a specific guy I’ve had a real-life crush on (he’s a local restaurateur) showed up and professed his adoration as well!

[Side note: in real life this guy had seen a post I made on Instagram tagging one of his restaurants and he started following me a couple of years ago, occasionally making comments, etc. Many times, he’d be the very first “like” on my photos and I knew he was watching me closely, though I also knew that he was dating a semi-celebrity “influencer”. And funny enough, she caught wind of all of this - I’m not sure how - but made a comment on one of my posts! Pretty sure she was telling me to back off, though he never slid into my DMs or anything. He’s since unfollowed me and I’ve watched their relationship subtly unfold behind the scenes of both of their IG accounts over the last several months. Appears he may be close to proposing to her as I’ve watched them travel together, etc. They are hot and heavy at this point]

So even though it was a little bit of a dilemma that there were TWO men at once vying for my attention, I didn’t feel stressed…I just felt this warm, romantic love flowing through my body.

And like I wrote earlier, I was sort of sad to wake up from this dream as it was just such a soothing feeling.

On my girls trip a couple weeks ago, I talked with a couple of my friends about manifestation and how to bring the things you want into your life. I know that one of the techniques you can use is to act as though the thing you want has already happened.

So last night as I was driving to pick up my dog from daycare I had this thought about having a boyfriend/partner. And I decided to stir up those same feelings of safety, comfort, friendship and love that I have when I’m in a relationship. It was as if I could actually conjure them up! And for a brief moment I felt all of those feelings and I felt reassured and calm.

I wonder if that was what sparked that dream? And truly, I am counting on that being a premonition. I have decided that I’m going to make 2020 my year of manifesting things that I want to draw into my life.

2019 was a year of life forcing me to slow down and notice the people and things around me and to be grateful for the amazing things I have in my life: my angels, my faculties, my renewed health, my experiences, my projects.

2020 will be the year of taking action on all of that reflection and gratitude.

Here’s to #manifestation and making it real,

Complicated Disaster December 05, 2019

❤️ xx

Jinn December 05, 2019

Yes! Looking forward to hearing about you getting all you seek !

bobbi01 December 05, 2019

<h1>manifestation. I like it. Hope your dream comes true!</h1>
Gangleri December 05, 2019

Why do we slide into DMs?

Ginger Snap Gangleri ⋅ December 05, 2019

You tell me?

Gangleri Ginger Snap ⋅ December 05, 2019

No, I mean why do we "slide" into them. Why isn't it some other term? Why isn't it just starting a conversation?

Marg December 06, 2019

Sounds like a plan! I’ve had a few very romantic dreams as well and they’re totally different to sex dreams - I’ve had the most amazing kisses in them and this lovely feeling that I’m with my soul mate. It’s so disappointing to wake up! :)

plushcreep December 07, 2019

Don't know if you've read me long enough to realize this, but I had a romantic dream about Tara years before we ever met in person...and it came completely true, so I totally get this.

Ginger Snap plushcreep ⋅ December 07, 2019

Oh wow!! I need to read back! Can you tell me when your dream happened?

plushcreep Ginger Snap ⋅ December 07, 2019

I'll do you one better. I wrote about it in my other PB book!

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