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  • Dec. 3, 2019, 1:50 a.m.
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Well, Friday didn’t happen. And I guess I wasn’t too surprised. But we talked late into the night on Friday on the phone and still had some naughty fun together even though he flaked on us actually meeting. He was apologetic and said maybe we could try again for Sunday.

But when I asked for a time and place for us to meet on Sunday, he was evasive again. I started to get the feeling he never really wanted to meet. I won’t say I hated the experience because it was fun to touch myself with him on the phone. But it didn’t exactly happen how I was hoping.

I was embarrassed to tell my husband that it wasn’t going to happen because it felt like admitting I tried to hook up with someone else but failed. He seemed like he was genuinely disappointed but was trying not to show it. I don’t think he wants to admit how much this turns him on too, but I like knowing that’s the case.

I might make another attempt to meet up with Bike Guy, but I might not. I don’t really think anything will ever happen. BUT, something positive may have come out of this.

I was talking to a friend of mine about the whole experience. She’s the only friend I have who I know wouldn’t judge me about this because she and her husband have an open marriage. They also host a play party at their house twice a month and are very actively involved in the kink community. I’ve known this about them for a long time but I always felt like that was a part of their life that I wasn’t invited into.

When I told her about everything that happened with Bike Guy, she asked if maybe I’d like to come to one of their parties. She had no idea how long I have wished she would say that. I was giddy when she said that.

It’s kind of a formal thing. She needed to send me an proper invite and I then needed to go onto paypal and send her a $20 admission fee. They collect $20 from every couple that attends, and I know it’s not as a money-making thing but just to cover their expenses for putting on that party and providing food and drink. I was happy to pay it. Then I got emailed back the official invite that I have to bring with me on the night of the party. It feels mildly mysterious and I’m really looking forward to Friday.

I told my husband about the party and told him he technically was invited because it’s a couple’s invitation, but I knew he wouldn’t want to and wasn’t surprised when he said no. He asked me about the party and I told him it’s about kinkiness and not sex (I’m maybe 80% sure that’s actually true) and I would mostly likely just socialize and maybe watch other people doing things.

He seemed completely fine with that and encouraged me to go. So it’s not exactly the same thing as hooking up with Bike Guy, but it’s something.

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