NJM29: Should I Stay or Should I Go? in These Foolish Things

  • Nov. 29, 2019, 7:43 p.m.
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My next door neighbors (Shitty Kitty’s dads) are supposed to be having a little Black Friday soiree tonight and they had invited me several days ago (as they checked on my while I was traveling - seems I had packages that were by my door for a few days and they wanted to make sure I was still alive - nice neighbors!).

I bought some special cookies at the fancy market near my apartment and I have some super awesome wine to bring over, but I don’t hear ANY noise coming from next door and I didn’t ask them what time was a good time to stop in.

I’m guessing that it might be closer to 10pm since these guys are party boys. I’m also guessing that they invited me because they are going to be loud tonight. Ha.

I’ll be honest, I’m kind of tucked in my apartment anyway. I can’t decide if I want to drink and be merry or just relax with the dog and binge on the Netflix and Black Friday shop online from the comfort of my own bed.

After all, I have another party to attend at Best Bud’s place tomorrow night. They are having a “piggy party” (pig roast) and their events are always top notch. Plus, Best Bud told me that they are inviting an eligible bachelor to the party. I imagine that there will be zero straight eligible bachelors at Shitty Kitty’s tonight.

I suppose I could do both, but I’m honestly not feeling like even getting dressed tonight.

Time will tell…

Last updated November 29, 2019

Gangleri November 29, 2019

Can ya just pop your head in and see what's what?

Florentine November 29, 2019

I say if you’re comfy where you are, might as well stay that way!

Complicated Disaster November 29, 2019 (edited November 29, 2019)


Only go round if they are being loud! Xx

Marg November 30, 2019

You could just bop in your bed in time to their music! (Although I hope they weren’t THAT loud).

Jinn November 30, 2019

So many parties ... so little time :-)

Elaine Benes November 30, 2019

Sounds fun to have a few party invites, even if you don’t go to all of them.

bobbi01 November 30, 2019

Did you stay or did you go now?

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