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What brings out your inner child?

Stuffed animals. Seriously. I have a pet net full of them!

I have three stuffed animals I am thinking of being buried with: Littlefoot, a white bunny, and Falcor. Each of these has a different meaning for me.

My maternal grandmother didn’t care for me much. She was cold to me. She favored my first cousin, who was my aunt. She was my Mama’s younger sister. She was the “baby girl” and she was so tiny.

One Christmas, when I was 8, she actually gave me Littlefoot. He was a limited edition something or other, but that was the ONLY time she ever got/did something for me that I truly wanted and was JUST for me.

With my birthday being in early-April, it was automatic that we would go to the circus as it fell at the same time. I already went with my parents and as a school field trip, but my cousin wanted to go, so that was my “birthday” gift. I wanted pizza but he wanted Arby’s so that’s where we went for my “birthday” meal.

So getting Littlefoot was the most amazing thing to me.

The white bunny as from one of my childhood best friends, Joe. My parents forgot my Sweet 16th birthday. I went to school in tears and he just hugged me and said, “Maybe it’s a surprise party?” I shook my head because there wasn’t any acknowledgment of it, no card…nothing.

Fast-forward to the evening and there’s a knock at my door. I answer and there is the white rabbit in my face and his mom brings in a strawberry cake (my favorite). My parents realize it’s my birthday and they try to save face by telling me they had a party planned for that weekend.

Falcor is from Andrew. He knows “Neverending Story” is one of my favorite movies of all time.

As poor people know, when you WANT (not NEED) something, you don’t have money for it. When you finally do, it’s no longer available. After awhile, I gave up trying to get Falcor.

Then Andrew gave it to me for an early Christmas present.

So, that’s what brings out my inner child.

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Small Town Girl November 29, 2019

I still have so many of my stuffed animals too. I cannot part with them!

WildflowerHeart December 03, 2019

I have some stuffed animals from my childhood too.

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