NJM23/24: A Couple of Missing Entries! in These Foolish Things

  • Nov. 25, 2019, 9:37 a.m.
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Real quick because I’m back in the office.

What I didn’t get to write because I was having SO MUCH FUN the last three days!

Girls Trip! We did tons of day-drinking, which was a blast! We did lots and lots of talking and laughing and yes, even crying. We shared how we’re getting older (I am the oldest by a few months) and compared notes. We talked about kids and the lack of kids and husbands and dating and family drama and such.

We ate, drank, shopped, wandered around took photos and posted them, ordered Chinese, watched movies, gossiped…we did what you do on a girls trip.

It was exactly as it needed to be and so soothing to my soul and yet it woke me up as well. Does that make sense?

Also, because I was the last to leave and had most of the afternoon to myself, I got to see my friend Bob, who lives in this town and went to med school with Doctor D. He was hanging out yesterday with an Eye Surgeon and it was another gorgeous day so we did more day drinking! We stopped at a few places and then Eye Surgeon drove us (in his fancy as fuck Tesla) to the place where the luxury bus was picking me up. What a wonderful afternoon we had! Wish I’d had longer time.

It reinforced the importance of friendship. Truly, 2019 has been the Year of the Friend and I am moved to do something about this. It’s time to start dedicating myself to my tribe.


Complicated Disaster November 25, 2019

I'm so happy you had an amazing time! xx

Florentine November 25, 2019

Your heart is always open to having the best of times! <3

Loki November 25, 2019

Your Girls Trip sounds fun! Glad you had a good time!

bobbi01 November 25, 2019

Perfect :)

Jinn November 26, 2019

Sounds wonderful !

Marg November 26, 2019

Old friendships are absolutely the best!

plushcreep November 26, 2019

This makes me want to go on a girl's trip!

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