NJM20: Anybody Know How to Do This? *UPDATE* in These Foolish Things

  • Nov. 20, 2019, 10:01 p.m.
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I’m home from my trip and have so many funny thoughts about the Argentinian/Italian guy I met yesterday. He sent me some voice texts last night that I’m dying to paste here so you can hear his voice, but I don’t know how to do it. Does anyone know how to do this???

I saved a message from iMessage to my mac, but it is in some kind of format called a .caf ???

I gotta go to bed now. I’m exhausted! Good trip, but I need some sleep before Girls Trip tomorrow!

Send instructions if you can!

UPDATE!! A private noter helped me figure it out! Thank you, anonymous friend!

Soooo, a little back story about this audio message. Read previous entry if you haven’t already.

Sexy Argentinian/Italian man and I had just said goodnight after a long evening filled with wine, dinner, laughter, and some touchy-feely by him. I actually let him escort me to my hotel room, but abruptly escorted him right out of the room when I could tell it was going to escalate quickly. He was actually quite respectful and bid his goodnight and started his long drive back to his AirB&B in a town that was an hour and a half away.

He left me this message when he stopped to fuel his car. Sounds like he’d just about run out of gas on the way back to his place:

Hot and Steamy Voice Text Message…click me! Click me!!

Basically, he was telling me that we could spend the night together and we wouldn’t have to make love…that he would just caress me until I felt comfortable.

Hahahah!! I know he sounds like a wolf, but I think he’s really just a pussycat.

Side note: Yes, I am VERY aware in this day and age of #metoo that I could have ended up in a very compromising position, however, this guy is known in my circles. He is the ex-husband of a woman I used to work with (not directly, but we know many of the same people). I felt completely comfortable the whole time I spent with him.

What a fun night I had! And I couldn’t let that voice go to waste. I just HAD to share it with.... SOMEBODY!!! You’re welcome!


Last updated November 21, 2019

bobbi01 November 20, 2019

I can't even figure out how to post pics here, so I'm no help at all. Would be delighted to hear it if someone can figure it out though!

Marg November 20, 2019

I have no clue sorry - apart from taking a screen record as above but the only way I know to post vids is via YouTube so that’s no help. Why not ask Josh?

One Angry Dwarf November 21, 2019

I can probably figure this out when I'm not about to fall asleep. Reply to this tomorrow, and it'll remind me to look into it!

Complicated Disaster November 21, 2019

Unless they are super long it's probably easier to re-type them. Sleep well!! xx

Ginger Snap Complicated Disaster ⋅ November 21, 2019

But it's the VOICE and his accent that I want you to hear! That's the best part of it!

Complicated Disaster Ginger Snap ⋅ November 21, 2019

Ohhhhh. I don't know then! xx

Jinn November 21, 2019

So intriguing. I had a huge crush on a South American doctor in my 20’s but he was 39 and felt our age difference was too much :-) A man of ethics ! So we were just good friends . He was very handsome but it was his voice and accent that slayed me ; plus he was sooo smart .

plushcreep November 23, 2019

Ha - interesting. How forward those Italian guys are!

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