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What is your hometown known for?

I grew up in the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska reservation. My hometown is known f ok r its annual Homecoming Celebration. Most people call it Pow-Wow.

Because it’s the OLDEST pow-wow in North America.

But, here is some quick information.

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Deleted user November 20, 2019


Nin November 20, 2019

That is pretty awesome.

Loki November 21, 2019


Kristi1971 November 27, 2019

Oh my goodness! I love the college with the ability to preserve the language. My paternal grandmother was Passamaquoddy (Maine), and she spoke her native language. Sadly my parents divorced when I was 9, and I only saw her 2x since the divorce until her funeral. I saw her a lot when I was little, and she would speak to me in the language, and I remember understanding her. I wouldn't today, because I have not used it at all. I do believe it's that dual language learning as a child that makes it easy for me to learn languages today, though. :)

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