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Write about an event you thought wouldn’t make you sad, but did.

I was never really one to follow any sort of pop or sport culture. However, because of my Dad, I got into hockey.

As a Red Wings fan, there is one who stands out: Mr. Hockey.

When Gordie Howe passed away, I actually cried. He was an absolute legend, and was said to attend the games and just be with the people. He didn’t sit up in the box with the office people…he stayed with the fans.

I didn’t personally know the man. But what I’ve read and seen, he was one hell of a man to know.

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Nin November 20, 2019

I came to love the game after the fact and am just now starting to learn some of the history.

Gilraent November 27, 2019

It's understandable (at least to me) to feel so so sad when a celebrity passes. There are a couple that still hurt for me.

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