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  • Nov. 20, 2019, 11:17 p.m.
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This will be a two-fer entry. Prompt and non-prompt

What is your hometown known for?

One word: Witches.

4:22 am

I love my mania. Well, I love it when it doesn’t get me into trouble, makes me more creative, makes me get off my ass and get stuff done. I hate it when the fucker won’t let me sleep. Yesterday I was up at 4 am when I could have slept late… well, late for me, and today it was 3:30. Thought “I must have to pee”. Did that, Tossed and turned and finally frustrated enough to get up and say “screw this shit”.

So! Ancestry.com upgraded their DNA testing and is retesting everyone, I guess. Got my new results the other day. Now it’s 51% Ireland and Scotland, 33% England, Wales, Northwestern Europe, 9% France, and 7% Germanic Europe.

When I got the original results, I was blown away by the fact that I was just a tiny bit French. Did a little poking around and found out that my great grandmother (dad’s grandmother) was English, but pretty much stopped there, because I didn’t have the money to do more research through the site, and I totally forgot about familysearch.org , which is free.

Thankfully one of my friends from school mentioned it on my DNA post. Slapped myself upside the head and thanked him lol

I had started the family tree on there a few years ago, but either my A.D.D kicked in and I went “oooh! Shiny!” and walked away from it, or I was manic when I started it then when the mania ended, my interest ended, too, or I just totally blanked on it. Or all three. lol probably that.

I hopped on the site last night and started working on my dad’s branch. Now, I knew my grandfather was a philandering drunk, but forgot all about it (why is it I remember some things so vividly, and totally blank on others?), so I was surprised when saw he had three other wives. My cousin commented on the thread, and I slapped myself upside the head again.

Unfortunately there are no children listed under the other wives. As fertile as he was with my grandmother (7 kids) I find it very hard to believe that he had no other children. I’ll probably dig around some more in regards to that.

I do have to fix something on familysearch, though. My dad is listed twice. Once under Pierre, and once under Philip. I remember my dad saying that he switched his middle name for his first because he didn’t like it lol but there’s no record of a name change, so I have no clue what the truth to that is. At least right now I don’t. It’s too bad I had a falling out with my cousin, Lee. She has worked on our tree quite a bit, but god forbid if you tell her that she is wrong about it (long story). Or, mention on fb that you’re not feeling well. That’s when I stopped talking to her. You don’t put me down. Only I can put me down lol

Ah. Almost 5. I guess I’ll hit the shower now that it’s late enough.

I’ll be back.

10:16 pm

Had a frustrating day. If I remember, I might write about it tomorrow.

Kristi1971 November 27, 2019

My paternal grandfather was in Germany in WWII. He had a war girlfriend and they had a child together. So, I have an uncle in the world that I do not know. My other cousins tried to find him, but they had no success. I've never tried.

Gilraent Kristi1971 ⋅ November 27, 2019

It's kinda sad, that we have family floating around that we don't know.

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