NJM16: RAD - Joe Llama in These Foolish Things

  • Nov. 16, 2019, 7:38 p.m.
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Note: this is NOT the guy who canceled on me earlier in the week

Name: Joe Llama

Introduction Platform: Bumble - we’d been texting for about a week and a half on the app

Age: 50

Relationship Status: Divorced several years (I think six or nine or something? Can’t remember, but long enough, for sure). Two kids - one in college, one in high school who lives with his mom.

Job: Owns a software consulting company

Lives: On a ranch about 45 minutes from my downtown place (better than Big Wild Rancher’s hour and a half commute)

Length of Date: 3 hours

We Did: Met for coffee and walk on the city trail and then we added a light snack/glass of wine afterwards.

He Looked: He’s maybe 5’11”, has an extremely striking face, very handsome. His wardrobe could stand some updating (he dresses a little bit like an early-2000s club dude), and his personal style is a little dated as well (can you say lots of hair gel?)

I Looked: What I wore to brunch club, minus the Loubie heels. Instead, I changed into flat knee-high boots but kept the furry coat, polka dot blouse and distressed denim.

Convo: So much walk and talk! We did the normal getting-to-know-you kind of stuff and I asked him a LOT of questions about his life on the ranch. Y’all. He has a LLAMA!! And donkeys and longhorns and chickens and dogs and…and… I mean, he basically has a zoo at his place! I’m fascinated! We ended up talking quite a bit about brain injuries because he suffered a concussion from a fall about four years ago that he’s still recovering from. We discussed recovery methods, food that’s good for your brain, supplements and eating/drinking habits. I found all of that interesting and helpful. We moved our walk and talk to coffee and continued the conversation and then moved it over again to a little French bistro where we had some salads and I had a glass of wine (he doesn’t drink but was fine with me drinking).

High Point: He has kind of a dorky personality that I found both humble and hilarious at the same time. I found myself laughing HARD several times and I could tell that it made him feel good. I was pleased to feel such enjoyment today.

Low Point: I feel awful even writing it, but I’ve already said it above…though he has extremely attractive features, his whole LOOK needs a major update. It could be tons of fun dressing him!

How It Ended: After our tiny dinner, he walked me to my car and we hugged it out a couple of times. I was totally open to a kiss from him, however a kiss on the lips never happened (we kissed on the cheek)

Chances Are: If he asks, I’ll go for sure. I give it a 75% chance of him asking.

Date Rating: B. It would have been an A if he’d both kissed me and asked to see me again.

Fred November 16, 2019

This sounds promising!

Complicated Disaster November 17, 2019

Ohhhhhhhh! Xx

Jinn November 17, 2019

So far, so good !

Bre M November 17, 2019

Sounds like a lovely time!

Elaine Benes November 17, 2019

So far so good! He just needs a stylish woman like you to spruce him up a bit!

plushcreep November 17, 2019

Could be tons of fun undressing him, too. Just sayin'!

Marg November 17, 2019

Oh this sounds promising!

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