NJM13: Of Appointments and Broken Dates in These Foolish Things

  • Nov. 13, 2019, 5:07 p.m.
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At the office this morning catching up on work emails and trying to clean out my gmail. I had something like 100K messages in there, most of them promotions of some kind. I’m trying to do a mass delete and it takes for freaking ever.

Speaking of forever, my neuro-interventionist is now going back to my vascular surgeon and we are going around and around!! What does a girl have to do to get a doctor appointment around here?! They started to tell me that I needed another CT scan and I was allll….I’ve had FOUR CTs in the last six months! I am GLOWING from the contrast! I understand that stuff is kinda dangerous in your body. I don’t want another SCAN! I just want the neuro to see me and do a consultation and tell me the status based on my last scans. Assume that everything is status quo and let me know that the meds I’m still on are adequate and won’t allow me to stroke out or burst the aneurysm! That’s all I ask. Is that too much?

Ugh. Well, it’s later in the afternoon and I STILL don’t have the appointment.

Nor do I have a date anymore. My date asked if we could reschedule. Says he’s “coming down with something”.


You guys. I dressed up today and felt the excitement of the knowledge that I had a first date! Granted, I wasn’t beyond excited about the guy because we hadn’t met yet, but I also was at that kind of giddy-with-possibility stage because it’s been a while since I’ve had a date, you know?

So. I’m thinking I might take myself out tonight. I’m just in that frame of mind. Where to go…where to go? The world is my oyster tonight!

Okay, here’s an update: FINALLY an appointment has been made with the neuro-interventionist! It was like pulling fucking TEETH to get an appointment and I remember it always was - ever since my vascular surgeon referred me to him - even with vascular staff’s help it’s hard to get in with this guy. On the one hand, the dude is the best…probably at least in this state if not the country. In fact, Dr. D told me once that if he ever needed an intervention inside his brain that this guy would be the ONLY person he’d want doing it (he’s worked many cases with the guy and says he loves watching him work - that he’s some kind of amazing supergeek nerd perfectionist). So I know he’s way busy (he’s also way cocky). But damn. It was hard. I don’t want to have to see him again for a long, long time!

And now it’s time to leave the office, pick up the dog at daycare, walk her and then take myself on my own date.



Complicated Disaster November 13, 2019

Pah. Date guy doesn't know what he's missing! #catch xx

Gangleri November 13, 2019

Where did you date yourself?

Elaine Benes November 13, 2019

I think you probably had a better solo date tonight than you would have if the guy had gone! Fill us in on what you did ASAP. You always make your own fun!

Deleted user November 13, 2019

Well, if he's coming down with something you don't want to catch it. Maybe it's really true? It's that time of year... Perhaps the excitement will return another day :) This is me thinking positive.

Marg November 14, 2019

What a runaround! Hope you enjoyed your date - are you going to do a RAD??! ;)

kansasgirl November 14, 2019

Hopefully you had a great date with yourself!

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