Toxic Friendships in Life Lessons

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Have you ever had a toxic friend? You probably wont know how to answer this unless they aren’t your friend anymore. I had one, but didn’t realize it, she was a great friend! She would come visit me and we would hang out every weekend! But she was jealous… of my best friend.

So here is how it all went down, me and my best friend, lets call her Jane, would hang out pretty much every weekend! Most of the time she would make the drive to come see me, because I hate driving. Anyways, fast forward to my new friend, lets call her Maddi, started to date my cousin so the three of us would hang out, Maddi, Jane and me. Then Maddi’s other friend Annie decided she wanted to hang out with us, so then the four of us started hanging out often! Then shortly after, my best friend Jane was in a car accident and was not able to travel to see me for a while, and Maddi was always with her boyfriend, so Annie would always drive to spend the weekend with me! It was great! I just realized she was keeping me from going to see my injured friend…

Jane had told me she didn’t feel like Annie liked her, and i just brushed it off, until Maddi got married. Married life, she just didn’t hang out with us as much! Then Jane stopped coming to see me because she didn’t want to be around Annie. Annie was upset with me because i never drove to see her and I always chose Jane over her. She was so jealous. Slowly she just started backing out of my life…

I will admit, I was upset and I tried to make her keep being friends with me and it didn’t work. Looking back she was a toxic friend, I tried to help her, but she was dragging me down. You have to want to help yourself and accept the help from others. It Is hard to let them go, but It’s not worth you being drug down. It will get better! Losing a toxic friend is not the end of the world!

Have you ever had to cut off a toxic friend?
How did it work out for you?

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