NJM11: Of Dreams and Vortices in These Foolish Things

  • Nov. 11, 2019, 1:38 p.m.
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I had the most amazing dream last night:

I was pregnant and about to give birth, so I was at the hospital and they were prepping me for a natural birth when I suddenly realized that I couldn’t have a natural/vaginal birth because of my carotid dissection (it’s true, you’re not supposed to PUSH/STRAIN ever again after having a dissection - it’s very dangerous and could cause another one).

So I told the doctors that I needed to have a C-Section and they had to quickly switch everything around so that I could give birth that way.

Keep in mind that I’ve never given birth, and I am 97.5% sure I couldn’t get pregnant at this time in my life anyway, so I don’t really know how all this goes - my brain was making up this whole scenario…

So the nurse who was going to administer the…whatever…local anesthesia? Epidural? She was telling me that many times women will see their guardian angels once that stuff is administered and I was saying, “Thank you, thank you…I’ve already seen some of them and I can’t wait to see more!”

I woke up really happy.

Wild, huh?

I’m so happy to know that there are angels among us and that the world is not a bad or dangerous place - it truly depends on how you look at things. Now don’t get me wrong, there are bad situations and very dangerous places in this world, but on the whole, life is good and people are good and we were meant to do good things. I believe this with all of my heart.

I suppose that the bad things happen to test us maybe…or to show us how good things really are by contrast?

I know I’m simplifying this idea greatly and that it may come off as naive, but I don’t care. I believe in angels and good vibes and the vortices that bring good energy to the earth.

While in Sedona for the Grand Birthday Adventure, I found out that we were actually staying in a vortex. I’d never really heard of this before, but a vortex refers to a place where the earth’s energy swirls and draws all of the energy of everything that surrounds it into it like a tornado.

[Athena] and I stayed at this amazing resort called Enchantment (fitting!), which they say is located right in the epicenter of one of the biggest vortices of all time! They say it has both masculine (send energy out of the earth) and feminine (draws energy into the earth) vibes and it’s supposed to just make you feel these amazing vibrational feelings.

On one of the afternoons we were there, we took a short hike to the Kachina Woman, a rock formation up a hill that was a quick 20-minute hike from our casita where we experienced the vortex firsthand. On the climb up, we saw trees that had twisted bark (an effect of the vortex’s swirling and twisting energy) and we heard a man playing the flute (turns out, his name is Robert and he plays there almost every day and hands out these amazing little carved hearts that come from the red rock of Sedona. He gives us a brief lesson and tells us to take the hearts back with us and to share the unconditional love that comes from this earth).

Some say while you are experiencing the Kachina Woman you might get clarity there; some say you might feel the spirits of the Hopi Indians; some say you might just feel amazing. I took a panoramic video of the whole area while we were at the top of the hill and I swear you can see the vortex in light waves.

Does all of this sound hokey and new-agey? Whatever it is…whatever it was…it was powerful and completely reinforced my belief in the good spirits (our guardian angels?) that surround us and protect us and guide us every day.

And when we came back down from our hike, we ran into one of the spa staff who leads guided stretching as well as walking tours of the resort and told her about our experience. She reminded us to bring this energy home with us…not to leave it back at the resort as if it was a memory.

And so.

I’m trying to re-live that feeling at least a little bit throughout my days since coming home. It’s not easy when there are fears and health scares and messes to clean up and work bullshit blocking these good vibes, but that’s what it’s all about, right? Pulling the good out of everything we possibly can.

And maybe even the tiniest things can begin to create the bigger things. Like the fact that I’ve somehow made up with the woman who sits across from me. We are good again and I feel comfortable again. Vibes in sync? The Vortex? It doesn’t matter WHAT as long as it just IS.


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Complicated Disaster November 11, 2019

I'm glad your dream was better than mine! Xx

plushcreep November 11, 2019

I believe that most people are good by nature too, but then again, I've always been an optimist.

Deleted user November 11, 2019

I was reading a story the other day about this guy who was an ardent atheist who in his last few days would remark about how crowded the room was, or make comments about seeing angels. This guy's daughter was so taken by it that she went on to study people's last hours and the things they said.

Jinn November 12, 2019

I am cautious about people but I do want to believe that basically people are good .I certainly want to believe in Angels .
I spent a week in Sedona a couple of years ago and I loved it. The huge rocks were amazing and I went to see the vortex sites . I loved the unique shopping there too .

Marg November 12, 2019

That sounds an amazing place! I didn’t realise it was so spiritual. I totally believe in guardian angels and inherently believe that there are many more good people than bad on this earth :)

Kate November 14, 2019

My mother always said (and I think she got it from reading a lot of Jung), that dreams of birth are dreams of new beginnings! Exciting.

In reality, a vortex is a place where two underground water-streams meet. But I've spent I lot of time in Sedona and I believe in their power.

Did you notice how amazing the water makes your hair and skin? That water has POWER, dude!

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