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  • Sept. 5, 2019, 12:30 a.m.
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Took the puppy in today for her first ever vet visit. It was a little bit late, should have done it the week she came home. But anyway it’s done. She is like 11 weeks and already 5.5 lbs. She is a dachshund, hopefully this means she is going to be a solid 15 lbs. I’ll be content with whatever she is but I prefer larger. It wasn’t even as expensive as I thought it would be. Yay!

My oldest dog is having an allergic reaction to something. She is broke out in hives. I can tell she is itchy. I think it may have been something in the rabbit area as we moved him this past weekend but I don’t know. Hopefully in the am shes a little better. She is going crazy itching right now.

So I was talking to the person I babysit for today about her husband. He’s kinda there but not. I talked about the situation before. It’s just weird. She is starting to wonder about things. He stays with his ex when he isn’t here. It’s not my thing to worry about but I just hope things are all good. The outsiders perspective can be helpful but then again not always.

My husbands’ oldest is having surgery later this month. He said he was thinking about taking that whole week off. But decided against it because whats the point? With how much he isn’t in their life I think two days would suffice. I mean what does he plan to stay up there over night with his son? He never said that. Yes, he needs to be with his boys. Yes, he needs to be there for this. But he also needs to be there in general not just for birthdays and surgeries. I just know we can’t afford for him to be off too much. We are surviving on overtime.

I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if child support was reliable. I got a nice chunk last week and bought school stuff. But now I regret it. It went too quick. I have another big one that should come through soon and then we will be fine. It looks like the support is actually starting up again which I am glad about. My biggest thing is we need to have money for earnest money when that time comes (a little over a month away, yay!) I need to plan for that.

I can’t wait to see the lender again. See what we can be approved for. We are paying nearly a grand a month here for nothing. That can easily go towards a mortgage. I’m ready to move. Ready to be able to let my hounds out to run. That may take a little bit considering we need good fences. But soon. Hopefully by November. I mean rent here is going to break the bank. Well not really but still.

Anyway. I should sleep.

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