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  • Aug. 24, 2019, 1:14 a.m.
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Some people live in weird situations. Maybe they don’t seem weird to them but to an outsider they are. I mean I live in a house with just my husband, my kids and I. Would not add any one else unless I had to. Maybe a parent or a sibling could move in with us, and his boys for sure but thats it. For a while I thought hey buy a bigger house and have a “live in” dog sitter or something live with us. But no. It would be weird to have a parent or sibling live with us. My housekeeping skills have a bit to be desired as does my cooking but whatever.

Anyway what brought me to this thought is I started babysitting recently. The mom lives here down the street, the dad and kids live in a town about two hours away right now. The dad and kids are living with his ex wife. That is weird to me. He had Wednesday and Thursday off but he didn’t come up and spend any time with his wife. He came up just to get the kids. He didn’t even come early to get the kids, not complaining as watching the kids is my job. She only had the kids like four days. The kids will be moving up for school. I guess keeping them down there minimizes child care expenses but still. It’s weird. The poor mom barely knows anything about her kids. I mean the baby is 9 or 10 months old… the mom had missed out on probably half her life already. Work will do that but it’s different when its not work.

I hate my dreams sometimes. I frequently have dreams with a friend in them. I only remember these dreams in the last few years. Both this friend and I are married. We actually got married within a week or two of each other. But anyway. A lot of my dreams with him in them are sexual. Or at least flirty. The ones most recently we are both married to our significant others but we are still flirty or whatever. I don’t know if these are indications of deeper feelings or what. Especially since we are married in the dreams. I used to tell him whenever I dreamed of him but I stopped. He is currently in one of the Koreas, don’t know if it was north or south. I haven’t seen him in person in close to 10 years, wont be seeing him for another at least two. I guess seeing him in my dreams is enough.

Got the oldest all registered for school. Only a week and a half left until they are in school. I’m ready. I want some alone time even though my husband will be here, he will be asleep. I will have a 2nd grader and a 6th grader. Where did that time go?

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