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  • Aug. 13, 2019, 8:01 a.m.
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I went to my mom’s house to discover she decided i was there to run her chores. I took Chloe her dog to the store at Pet Supplies plus. This chiwawa/doxen mix was wagging her tail and begging everyone to pet her. She tried to jump out of the buggy to play with a large black poodle. Chloe was having a blast. My mom came over from Walmart to discover Chloe had several people petting on her at once. I tried to convince mom to get flea treatment for her 3 dogs she wouldnt listen.

Remember my truck with the brake issues? My mom took it to her house parked it and lost the lost set damn keys! Between walking, feeding her damn dogs i tore moms house apart trying to figure out where she put my keys. I havent had my truck in weeks. I told her i want to fixed it has been almost a month i need my independence back. She said she doesn’t want it fixed this way i have no damn choice but to see her! Instead getting the truck to the mechanic like i told her to she decided use it to force me to give her attention on the regular. I am getting really pissed off it isnt fixed yet. Once mom goes back to work from her vacation i guess i will lose my damn job because i will have no transportation.

I need to go to the doctor for a pain on my side i fear i either damage my hip during sex with my plus size 433 husband ,kidney pains, uti or possible etopic pregnancy. My mother will not listen. Instead getting me medical care she wants me to clean her hoarding house. I told her i am not cleaning shit. I told her she is grown until she decides to change her habits only then will it be cleaned. For years my dad and i tried to fix mom’s bad habits after dad passed away she let the house go. I gave up she will be either buried alive or fix this behavior. Either way i cant get to the damn doctor for medical help! After she dies i will clean out the house for a final time. Mom keeps saying me or Tom can clean after her.. I will not waste my life cleaning up my mom’s house when i need to battle my own. Everytime i have time to clean my own i am volunteered to come to her house.

While mom and i were searching for my truck keys her dog Bear was barking. I went outside to discover Zeus Lesa’s german shepherd mix got loose. I knocked on Lesa’s door. She ignored me while her dog Zeus played with Rocky and Rosie her other 2 dogs. Mom manage to catch him on a lead trying to hold him. Lesa came out cussed Zeus and tried him to the porch saying he is outside because Zeus jumped up and knocked out Lesa’s front teeth playing. Lesa said it was my brothers dog now she is done!

I kept begging mom to take my to the hospital or home so Talan could take me to the doctor. Mom waiting till late knowing Talan couldnt take me to doctor because he works in the morning. I sat there crying from pain. It wasnt until i threatened to call Talan she decided to take me home. No one fucking listens to me! I want my fucking truck. I am tired begging for a ride.

I came home asking Talan take me to the doctor. He said he cant he has work in the morning. I limped to shower crying. I debated on calling an ambulance Talan and mom say i am fine if i still hurt next week they will take me to hospital. I am having problems functioning and sleeping due to pain. I guess they wont take me seriously till i die. Maybe then i can get some rest.

I guess i got to fucking work today. I hurt so bad but mom screams i owe her money. Talan screams he needs money for bills. Fuck my health everything must convience them.

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Deleted user August 13, 2019

Are you kidding me call an ambulance which side is it on it could be appendicitis it could rupture and you could die or it could be ectopic pregnancy it can be a plethora of things you need to take responsibility for your own health care even if that means calling an ambulance

MyDronedLife August 13, 2019

Have you looked in your area or contacted churches to see if they have any programs that helps get low income people a vehicle? You need something that isn't going to break down every other month.

Anaiss August 13, 2019

Your other noters are right. Take responsibility for your own health. Call an ambulance or a cab or Uber or whatever it takes if you feel you need medical attention. You're only at the mercy of your family if you allow that.

A Pedestrian Wandering August 15, 2019

Please give us an update. We want to know how you are doing.

FitLadyDi August 30, 2019

Starting to worry...

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