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  • July 29, 2019, 7:32 p.m.
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I dunno if my mom is trying to guilt trip me into staying or what. She’s not doing the best and I am concerned for her health, cause no one can come til friday. Someone asked about neighbors, but I asked (I said friends cause i don’t really care for my neighbors) and I knew shed say no, cause she doesn’t like people in the house.

Something that did bother me though is she said she was watching IDdiscovery, and they had a case about someone being arrested for not giving out proper nutritional care as a cause of death. I did a quick google search and couldn’t find anything, I really wonder if she is lying to me and guilt tripping me. I have literally never heard of that until tonight.

I dunno. This is looking to be more awful as the time goes by.

I also fear i’m gonna be out a huge sum of money.

I dont know if ill have fun.

Right now i hate my life.

Darkest Days, Brightest Nights July 29, 2019

I’m sorry. :(

^..^Kat July 30, 2019

This won't help right this minute, but when you get back, it might be time to check into some adult care resources. Meals on wheels, home health, things of that nature. Don't let her try to guilt trip you. Make sure she has some easy to prepare meals in the freezer and then go have a good time.

DevilishlyInnocent July 30, 2019

There are churches and other programs that will give out food if you give them advance notice. It's time to actually start looking into that if you can't provide the care she needs. Not everyone can, so it's best to start looking into it. It sounds like, for now, your mom needs assisted care. She'll get a room and be able to wander around, but there is staff to make sure she takes meds, meals, etc.
It's time to get going on that.
And yes, people HAVE died due to starvation. It's all filed under "neglect".

ElvenAssassin August 03, 2019


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